WordPress is an awesome CMS to build a website or a blog. It is flexible, easy-to-use, manage and update. Plus, it comes with tonnes of exciting features that makes working this CMS a total breeze. From a built-in blog, top-notch security features, numerous themes to an array of plugins that makes adding new features easy, with WordPress you can create a large eCommerce website, as easily as creating a simple yet professional looking personal blog or a website.

However, like in the case of most technological innovations, WordPress is not perfect and requires daily upkeep & maintenance, in order to function and perform optimally at all times. Maintaining your WordPress website is important if you want to yield its benefits in the long run. Thus, to help make the task of maintaining your site easier and faster, here is a comprehensive step-by-step WordPress website maintenance guide.

This guide comes in the form of an infographic and provides you with 50+ website maintenance tips that will help you to make your site more user-friendly. This well-researched guide has listed down all the important aspects of WordPress website maintenance including but not limited to, site’s security, backup, SEO, content and much much more.

You can accomplish each of the task mentioned here on a daily or weekly basis. Plus, it offers you essential resources & tools that will make the chore of completing each task more simpler. Best part, you can also download a free PDF of this guide and use it as & when you require it!

So, check out this step-by-step website maintenance guide and implement these tips on your website right now, in order to improve your site’s functionality & performance as well as to tighten up your site’s security.

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist (Infographic) – 50+ Essential Tips & Practices by the team at bigrockcoupon.in

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

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