There are many great plugins for WordPress CMS. Both – free and premium (paid) ones. There are a lot of developers who tend to provide really good and high quality plugins for different tasks. Sometimes, however, a particular plugin simply won’t work! There might be different reasons for that. In this article we will discuss some of them.

WordPress CMS Plugins

WordPress CMS Plugins

Before we start, you should know that if a plugin is a paid one then you must contact the developer or visit their forum or the FAQ section. It will definitely save your precious time! I remember when I used WP eStore and then installed W3 Total Cache. The admin area went white (blank) and nothing worked… I spent countless hours de-activating/activating all of the plugins and nothing seemed to work. After a while I’ve decided to visit their forum. And, oh, miracle! There was an article about that topic and the solution was very, very easy (read this thread if you are interested). So remember – if you are stuck on a particular problem – there might be an easy solution discussed somewhere else! :-)

Here are some recommendations which will help you find the solution for a non-working (or conflicting) plugins:

1. After the activation of my plugin I see white (blank) screen. The site is not loading.
By using your FTP program go to /wp-content/plugins/ and change the name of the plugin – for example from “plugin” to >> “pluginX” – you will deactivate it. After that try to find what is the reason for the white screen. Read the recommendations below to find it out.

2. The plugin is not working as intended.
Check your site for errors. If you are using Firefox use CTRL+SHIFT+J to discover them.

3. How to find out which plugins have conflicts?
The easiest way is to deactivate all your plugins and then activate them one by one. Read 1. to learn how to deactivate them if you are experiencing “the screen of death” problem (white screen).

4. The plugin was working just fine and suddenly it stopped!
Try to remember what exactly did you do. Did you install another plugin? Or maybe you’ve changed the theme?

5. There is no way to solve the problem! Now what?
Wait for the updates. Try to find similar plugin. Contact the developer of the plugin. Go to and find a WordPress coder there. Try to fix the code yourself.

Frequently asked questions about the plugins:

1. Is the plugin reliable and how to check it?
There is no way to know 100% whether you will have any problems with the plugin. However, there are some ways. Read the plugin’s comments. See what people are saying. Check it’s rating and popularity. If more than 100.000 users have downloaded the plugin – then it is popular and probably – reliable! Check when was the last time the plugin was updated. Check whether it is working with the latest version of WordPress CMS.

2. Is it true that premium plugins are better?
Not necessarily. The main advantage of the premium plugins is their support. If you search online you will certainly find a free alternative. All depends on your goals. But sometimes it is better to pay more to have a better working and performing WordPress site – do your own research!

3. If I use a lot of plugins – my site will load slower. Is it true?
Most often it depends on the quality of the plugins you are using – not on the quantity. Read here to check how to check which plugins are slowing down your site.

4. What is better for the performance of my site – to deactivate the plugin or to uninstall it?
There is no difference at all! The main thing you should do though, is to check whether there are unused (and thus useless) codes left in your DataBase. You can do so by going to your CPanel >> PHP My Admin and erase/drop them.

5. Should I always update my WP plugins?
Yes – definitely!

Here is one illustration which will guide you:

WordPress Plugins Problems Infographic

WordPress Plugins Problems Info-graphic

Nowadays, there are more than 26.000 WordPress plugins! Their developers have written excellent manuals about their usage. Before installing and activating them – learn how to use them! You will loose 2-3 minutes but will know how to set them up! And hopefully you will never encounter problems/conflicts with your plugins again!