WordPress On Page SEO – The Basics

Nowadays spinned articles, auto blogs and black-hat SEO techniques do not work anymore. In order to achieve better SERPs it is very important to be smart, to work hard and to implement all SEO knowledge you have (on-page and off-page). Back in the days the search engines were not that smart and you could easily get to the top with auto blogs, thousands of backlinks to your site (forum profiles, blog commenting, etc.) and other sneaky tricks.

seo battleToday, however, the easiest way to be #1 is to THINK! Investigate your rival’s sites, research keywords in your niche worth ranking, compare and track your results, improve your site’s overall performance – speed, usability, CTR, etc. More work is involved, but whenever you are stubborn, patient and believe in reaching your goals, your online success is inevitable! :-)

On page SEO is essential for your overall SEO success in the battle against your competitors. By having better on-page optimized web site and inner pages you will stand out from the crowd and get to the top more easily, in a shorter period of time!

wordpress on page seo

In these tutorials you will learn how to optimize your WordPress site by implementing particular on page SEO techniques that will boost your rankings. You need to understand – it is not an easy task! But once you learn how to create the perfect article in your WordPress website you will become an on page SEO expert and will be confident in your future SEO success!

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What do you need? Just one WordPress plugin. It is called WordPress SEO by Yoast – DOWNLOAD HERE. The plugin is free and it has all the functions you need to build the best on page SE optimized article for your WordPress blog! I’ve installed this great WP plugin on all my and clients’ sites. Since then I see nothing but improvements in SERPs! The plugin has all-you-need for winning your on page SEO battle(s):

  • Great interface
  • A lot of useful features
  • Monthly (sometimes even weekly!) updates
  • IT IS FREE! :-)

So what else do we need? We need to learn how to use it! In the video tutorial below you will see how to set up this great on page SEO plugin and how to use it to its full potential!

Here are 9 WordPress on page SEO factors and suggestions for your article:

  1. It is advisable for the keyword to appear in the URL for your page.
  2. Your article must contain more than 300 words (recommended minimum).
  3. It is good for your keyword to appear in the first paragraph of your post or page. Make sure the topic is clear immediately. Whenever you can, place your keyword phrase at the beginning of the article
  4. The content must be fairly easy to read with good structure.
  5. Your key phrase(s) may appear in the subheadings – H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. Nowadays it is not a major ranking factor, but is beneficial. The same applies to the tags – I, U and Strong.
  6. The images must contain alt tags with your target keyword or LSI keyword(s).
  7. Page’s outbound link(s) MUST be nofollow (rel=”nofollow”).
  8. The title tag must be less than 70 chars and more than 45 chars.
  9. The meta description must be less than 156 chars and more than 45 chars. Try to make your meta description more appealing. Insert your keyword in it.

There are many more on page SEO factors still to be implemented in your web site. In the video below you will see what Google’s representative thinks about SEO. Watch Matt Cutts’s thoughts in the video below:

Additional SEO tips you can use for your site’s optimization:
  1. Use Google Web Master Tools and Google Analytics for your site
  2. After creating your article check whether you have coding errors by using a free validation tool. This will help search engine bots to crawl your site more easily and achieve better user experience. You can also check your main domain for overall SEO performance with one excellent and free evaluation tool – WooRank
  3. Try to speed up your site with additional techniques such as CSS and JS compression. Find and install WordPress plugins which will help you with that. For my sites I am using this plugin.
  4. Test, test, test… Until it works!

After all the hard on page SEO work, it is time for a reward – applause from your competitors:

applause from competitor

Be smart and beat your competition! Good luck with your WordPress on page SEO!

To learn how to build a successful site with WordPress CMS – Click HERE.