The logo (as a graphic tool) is essential to every company, event or online presence! To create beautiful and outstanding logo is a challenge to every designer!

Sometimes however, some logos are worth reviewing not because they are quite original but…

Here are some logos which will show you what “UNUSUAL” means!

logo 1

Logo 1 – Price? 800.000 British Pounds.

Become a logo designer today! Start with Fiverr!

logo 2

Logo 2 – PC mouse between “p” and “t”

No thank you, will search for PC repair videos on YouTube and will repair myself!

logo 3

Logo 3 – Dental Practice.

I’d rather search for a more friendly one…

logo 4

Logo 4 – The logo was made in 1973.

The author did not mean what most think nowadays…

logo 5

Logo 5 – Out of logo ideas?

Change the channel and watch TV after 00.00…

logo 6

Logo 6 – Kids Exchange

What about leaving some space between the letters?

logo 7

Logo 7 – Turkish delight in Turkish is spelled “LOCUM”.

Made for non-English viewers with English letters

logo 8

Logo 8 – Y U No use other techniques???

No comment

logo 9

Logo 9 – Turn the logo 90 degrees and find out someone you may know!

logo 10

Logo 10 – Designer’s logo


logo 11

Logo 11 – Japanese house and the rising Sun…


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