In this lesson I want to share with you one extremely useful service for $5!

Yes, that’s right – $5!

When you finish building your site, it is important to show it to other people. Because in your eyes it is THE BEST! :-) So whenever I finish a particular web design project I show it to almost everybody! I need their opinion when it comes to design, functionality, look and overall user experience. Everybody can give you a valuable advice – change the color, move this, there; it would be better if… and so on…

video review for your web site

To predict user’s behavior on the site is tricky. You must know site’s goals, keywords and potential benefits it will bring to its owner. After I finished with I wanted to know what would be a user’s reaction(s).

One day I have received a newsletter from (I highly recommend this site!). The owner of the site – Mitz, found one service on called “Video review your website via screen capture” (the Fiverr user is twistedweb123) saying that it is a MUST for site’s on page and off page SEO. I wanted to try – so I did!

HERE IT IS – Video review your website via screen capture

After 8 days I’ve received the report! And it was AMAZING – 17 minutes of pure gold! Almost all of the suggestions were to the point! So that is why I am sharing this video report on with you. Watch it, order it and tell me what you think!

And $5… A STEAL! :-) Enjoy, Alex

P.S. BTW, if you want to learn more about Fiverr, you can read this article.