What is Fiverr.com?

fiverr logoI think you already know about Fiverr.com. If you don’t – you will learn now! :-) Fiverr.com is a web site which offers various services called gigs. You can sell and buy them for $5 (ONLY!). In this tutorial you will discover some basic tips how to create and improve your Fiverr gigs!

Regardless if the economy is strong or upside down, fiverr.com can bring you more money in a shorter amount of time than trying to advertise your services through online ads, or other local advertising venues.

Fiverr.com Video Tutorial

This video tutorial (1:37:55) by MisterrJonesAndMe will help you understand Fiverr’s opportunities to make money!

19 Valuable Fiverr Gigs Tips

Let’s take a look at how other people have made their money after implementing a few simple strategies on fiverr.com. This is what you can do, too.

  1. Create a product that takes less than 10 minutes (consider an audio recording of you talking about a subject you’re an expert in) and sell it on fiverr for $5.
  2. Create an e-book cover graphic that takes less than 10 minutes and sell it on fiverr for five dollars.
  3. Create a 10-page report on how to do something. Sell the report over and over again on fiverr.
  4. After selling 10 reports as mentioned in number four above, take your profits, and create a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) on the Warrior Forum (www.warriorforum.com). Stop selling the report on fiverr (WSO rules dictate that the price for a WSO must be cheaper than the general public at large can acquire the report) and sell the report to the first 25 buyers for $5 (which is more than you’ll make on fiverr). Sell the report to the second 25 buyers for $7.50 or $10.
  5. Buy a service on fiverr.com from a writer who will create three articles for you. Then create a new gig and sell two of those articles for five dollars. Put the third article into several article directories with back links to your fiverr.com account. Sell each article for $5 each.
  6. Choose a topic that you have a lot of knowledge about and create three, one-page “How-To” reports. Sell the three reports on fiverr.com for $5.
  7. Expand the topic that you just created in item #7 above, and sell one of those reports for $5.
  8. Take a digital photo of a landmark in your town. Now take more pictures in the surrounding area close to where the landmark is located. Sell those five photographic images for five dollars.
  9. Find a gig offered on fiverr that will create a 3-minute video presentation of your business for you and have them post it on YouTube for just $5. This is very cost-effective, considering the quality of the video. Of course, you have all the rights to the video, which means you can promote the video wherever you like.
  10. Use fiverr as a promotional vehicle for your brand.
  11. Use fiverr as a portfolio to showcase your products and services.
  12. User fiverr as a tool for gathering endorsements and testimonials that you can put on your blog or website.
  13. Build your reputation with the thumbs-up system on fiverr. Customers are more likely to purchase a service or product from you when it’s obvious others have been pleased with your offerings.
  14. Use fiverr as a network for selling your everyday business services.
  15. Use fiverr to drive traffic to your web site or blog.
  16. Use fiverr to deliver a more expensive product as a backend offer after they have purchased your initial product.
  17. Redirect them to your blog or website to receive a free product that is similar to the product you’re selling. Make sure to capture the email address before taking a buyer to your download page.
  18. Here’s a great idea. On fiverr, look at the listings where people are requesting to buy a specific product or service. Then find someone on fiverr or an alternative site to create the product for $5 or $10 and offer it for sale on fiverr. Then duplicate and repeat the process.
  19. Still don’t know what product to sell? Here’s an easy method for making fast money. When you have 30 minutes to spare, choose a category on fiverr that appeals to you. Then scroll through the ads and choose one to learn more about it.

FiverrYou can read more about Fiverr.com gigs and give suggestions about your favorite Fiverr gig(s) on our forum’s thread HERE.

The fiverr world is your playground for making a lot of money and the only limit is your desire to succeed, your focus and your imagination!