Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Miggel and this is a short tutorial on how to set up an FTP client using FileZilla, so let’s begin. Make sure you download FileZilla client, the link is in the description box and remember FileZilla Win 32 is compatible with 64 bit operating systems. Now as you can see, I am currently not running any website on my test domain. So I am going to upload my site using FileZilla client. Now open FileZilla and click on site manager. In the site manager, you can create a new folder and in that new folder you can create a new site. I am just going to create a new site without the folder. Now here you can name your site, perfect. And in the general tab, where there is host, you can put your domain name without the www, like you see here. You do not need the www anymore. Port number 21 and leave protocol and encryption as it is, unless specified by the hosting company. In the logon type, select normal and then type your username and password. Now, if you click ok, it will save your settings but will not connect. If you click connect, it will save your settings and connect to the remote site. Directory listing successful, perfect. Now here is my remote site, and my local site. So, I can look for my website from here and just drag and drop it into my root folder, here. I am going to minimize this because I have my folders in my desktop. So, I am going to drag and drop my website into the root folder. I am going to select all the files in there and then drag it into the root folder, perfect. Directory listing successful. Again, now I can go back and refresh the site and my site should be running, perfect, here it is. Now, I can add a link here, so people can download a document on music, or a book or whatever I put there, I can create a link so they will be able to download it from my site. I will show you what I mean. Say I want to put a document, this document into my website, so people can download it from accessing my website. I am going to drag and drop it into the forms folder, so I can keep things organized and drag and drop it into my root folder in my website. Now it is inside my remote site and here is the document.

filezilla screenshot

Now you can go to your program, where you created your site, select a text like this one here and then when you paste the link, it is going to look like this, your username and ftp. You have to change the username, remove the username and put a www. and remove the ftp and then change it into an http, that’s it. Now save your settings and re-upload your site, just like you saw at the beginning and now when you click the link, here it is, you can download that file from the remote site. Now sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work, because of the permissions. If it does not work, you have trouble downloading something, you can always go back to your FileZilla, select your document, right click and click on File Permissions and here you can modify the permissions to read, write or execute like you see here. Now, say you are currently running a website, but you want to add a blog, all you need to do is create a sub folder in the root folder, like you see here. I am currently running WordPress, so I installed a sub folder and here I installed WordPress and I added a link from my site to the blog.

To access the blog, all you need to do is type / and the name of your sub folder, like you see here, and now your client would have access to your blog and your site.