How to Integrate Two Factor Authentication into Your WordPress Site?

Now and then, you can hear a WordPress site getting hacked in the mainstream news. Security has been a common topic of concern for WordPress installs, and while you can or cannot prevent it from happening, at least you can take measures to avert such a situation or to avoid your data from getting lost.

Thankfully, there are several ways following which you can safeguard your site against a security breach. And, one such effective and recommended ways that can ensure your site’s security is two-factor authentication. In fact, many site owners are already making use of this approach to improve their WordPress website security.

So, if you too want to protect your WP site secure against hacker attacks and vulnerabilities, then you must consider using the two-factor authentication method. Through this post, I’ll help you explore more about two-factor authentication and how you can integrate such a feature into your site.

A Detailed Overview of Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, just as its name suggests, is a method that performs two sets of authentication before getting you logged into your site. Basically, this method help provides an extra layer of security to verify that any user, attempting to log in to your site, is authenticated.

The popularity of the two-factor authentication method can be measured because many niche sites such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook to name a few, make use of this authentication method.

Demonstrating How Two Factor Authentication Works

It’s pretty obvious that to login into a site, users are required to enter a username and password to complete the standard (and primary) authentication procedure. But, when using two-factor authentication method, aside from the primary network you will have to use another channel to complete the authentication process.

In a nutshell, besides a username and password, a user will have to input a code sent to their mobile device to confirm their authentication. But apart from this, there are many other types of two-factor authentication methods out there. For instance, users will have to enter any personal identification number (PIN) besides username and password, so as to access your site.

Why Should You Use Two Factor Authentication?

An unfortunate reality is that most of the site owners use weak username or password. This is why, the majority of hackers launch brute force attacks on a WP site to break into it. And so, unless you have your website secured against such attacks, any malicious user can hack into your website and perform any malicious acts. But, integrating two-factor authentication functionality into your site will harden your WordPress site security, making it difficult for hackers to break in.

Wondering how?

As discussed previously, when overviewing Two Factor Authentication, users need to perform two steps of confirming your authenticity before entering into your website. Hackers will certainly give up trying to break into your website if it takes more time than expected.

3 Best Two-factor Authentication Plugins Worth Considering

1. Two Factor Auth

Two Factor Auth WordPress CMS plugin

The Two Factor Auth plugin will make a user input a “One Time Password (OTP)”, when they are logging into your site. The plugin creates OTP’s using TOTP or HOTP industry standard algorithms. The best part is that an OTP stays valid until a certain time and after that users will have to enter a new code to access a site.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, it sends one time password to users in their inbox that they need to enter to login into your website. You can also make use of any 3rd party app that helps in generating OTP’s.

2. Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Two-Factor Authentication WordPress plugin

If you want to avoid all the ruckus and want a minimal set up to add two-factor authentication to your website, then you should give Duo Two-Factor Authentication plugin a try. This plugin presents users with different options on their smartphone to confirm their identity along with username and password.

For example, users can opt for receiving notification on their phone that requires them to tap simply “Confirm” to get access to the WordPress site. Or else, you can receive one-time passcodes through SMS, etc.

3. Clef

Clef wp plugin

This one is my favorite and different from other password-based solutions. The Clef plugin saves users from the hassle of remembering passwords or using tokens to enter a site and rather enables users to use a digital signature to login into a website. This not helps in hardening website security from brute force attacks, but also enhances the users experience.

Wondering how it works? Whenever a user wants to log into your site, Apple’s Touch ID technology is used to identify them. And, in case a user “Touch ID” doesn’t match, Clef also provides another secure method to determine users authenticity, and requires them to enter PIN on their device for accessing the site.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Needless to say, you’ll definitely be looking for ways to secure your WordPress site. It’s good for you if you’ve already taken precautionary measures. But, you must consider including two-factor authentication feature as well to harden your site’s security against brute force attacks. You can accomplish such a need, by making use of the above-discussed plugins.

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