Whenever you are building backlinks to your site as a part of your Off-Page SEO campaign it is essential to track your keyword(s) positions and ranking in the search engines! There is one very useful and not that expensive tracking program which I use for my sites. I run it once per week to see my keyword movement up (NOT DOWN! :-)) in Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL and Ask.com.

Review of Inspyder Rank Tracker Software


The program is called Inspyder Rank Tracker. Currently it is $74.95 but if you are maniac when it comes to SEO it will be one of your best friends! You can create unlimited campaigns and number of keywords. It is very useful, especially if you have a lot of clients and all they need a proof of your SEO work. It is also wise to track your inner pages rankings and to use Google Web Master Tools and Google Analytics for tracking the number of backlinks to your site and your popular keywords.

Inspyder Ranking Reporter is very nice and light program with a lot of functions included. The usage of proxies is a MUST as the search engines will reject your queries after a while. Inspyder Rank Tracker’s most important advantage is the one time fee (+life-time updates)!

The interface and the design of the program is fresh, easy to understand and navigate. It is not very easy to use the software if you are not acquainted with the documentation which is well-written. The support team is great and they reply very fast!

Set it up, turn it ON for the night and see your SERPs improvements when you wake up (if you have a lot of keywords! :-))!

How to Track Keywords Positions using Inspyder Ranking Reporter РVideo Tutorial

Check the rankings of your keywords in the search engines at least weekly as this is a crucial part of your off page SEO and backlinking process and campaign(s). Whenever you see some of the keywords going down you can create more backlinks from different sources and do not forget to keep the link velocity! Sometimes when you see some bounces in the search engines that does not necessarily means that your site will go down. That can be so-called “dance”. Just wait up to 1 week and the results will go back, sometimes even better than before! If you want to learn how to track your site’s visitors, traffic and keywords, read our article: CLICK HERE.

tutorial about how to track your keyword positions screenshot

Remember – on page SEO also plays main role in your on-line SEO success!

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