In this lesson you will learn 3 ways to track your WordPress site’s visitors and serve your customers better.

track WordPress visitors

METHOD 1: StatPress Reloaded – WordPress Hits and Visitors Counter Plugin

The first way to track visitors from your WordPress site or blog is by using a free WordPress plugin called “StatPress Reloaded.” You can download it from HERE. There is a message on the download page saying: “This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years,” but it still works fine! :-) Once installed you will be able to track your:

  • Visitors
  • Page views
  • Spiders
  • Feeds
  • Last hits, search terms (keywords), referrers, and agents

statpress overview screenshot
When you click on the “Details” tab you will find a nice graph about: Top days, O.S., Browser, Feeds, Search engines, Top search terms, Top referrer, Countries (domains), Spiders, Top pages, Top Days – Unique visitors, Top Days – Page views and Top IPs – Page views

Under “Options” make sure to check the “Do not collect spiders visits” option to decrease data base server loads.

statpress widget screenshotYou can also use StatPress as a widget. There are 2 widgets available. The first one is “StatPress Top Post.” This widget will show the most popular articles based on the visitors’ count. The second widget can display data such as:

  • Total visits – use %totalvisits% variable
  • Visits – use %visits% variable
  • Operating System (OS) – use %os% variable
  • Browsers – use %browser% variable
  • IP – use %ip% variable
  • To see how many visitors and users are online at the moment – use – %visitorsonline% and %usersonline% variables
  • And also for top post, top browser and topos – use %toppost%, %topbrowser% and %topos% variables
  • There are 2 more variables you can use in this widget: %thistotalvisits% and %since%.

METHOD 2: Provide LIVE Customer Support for Your Visitors and Track Their Behavior!

There is one excellent WP plugin called “Zopim Live Chat.” You can download it from HERE. This plugin is awesome! Once installed, you will be able to chat with your visitors (and maybe potential clients ;-)), to answer their questions and to give suggestions. Moreover you will be able to see who’s online, what pages they are browsing now and how did they find you! The best part of this live chat plugin is that all the information is held on Zopim’s servers and there are NO LOADS on your site! The plugin loads very fast and there are no errors in the Validator tool if you use it! :-)

In my opinion Zopim Live Chat WP plugin is the best solution if you want to:

  1. Track your visitors’ behavior (referrers, keywords, IPs, countries)
  2. Answer their questions and provide live chat support

The plugin has 3 versions: LITE, BASIC and ADVANCED. The LITE version is free and you can chat with only one person at a time. You cannot make any customizations to the default settings.

The BASIC version will allow you to chat with as many people as you can! :-) You can also change the color and the look of the plugin. The price for 1 month is $11.

Zopim Live Chat Coupon for all packages

I am using the BASIC package and I am very happy with it, but if you have a big site with a lot of products and users, the best solution for you might be the ADVANCED package with these advantages:
the customer is king

  • Unlimited Chats
  • Unlimited Triggers
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Full Widget Customization
  • Weekly Analytics Report

One of the best options of this live chat (and tracking) plugin is the ability to integrate it with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! This will allow you to track your visitors and answer their questions wherever you are! Zopim App is free – just find it in the App Store and install it. After that log-in to your account, set up your preferences and serve your customers better! :-) Screenshots of the app:

zopim live chat and track visitors wordpress plugin screenshot

METHOD 3: How to Track WordPress Visitors, Traffic and Keywords Using iPhone/iPod/iPad

Analytics Pro screenshotIf you are using Google Analytics to track your visitors, keywords and traffic, you might find useful one app for iPhone/iPod/iPad called Analytics Pro ($5.99). I have iPod Touch 4 and I’ve installed this excellent application to see how my campaigns are working. In my opinion Analytics Pro saves a lot time when it comes to checking website’s traffic multiple times a day instead of once a week. This is the most frequently used app on my device (after that comes Zopim app).

These were the tracking methods for your WordPress site I wanted to share. Choose the most suitable one (why not all of them? :-)) and provide the best support and answers to your clients and web site visitors based on their preferences!

And remember – The Customer is King! :-)

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