Your presence in the social media world is essential! For your Off Page SEO campaigns you must have in mind at least 3 sites – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In this article you will learn how to create the best looking covers and backgrounds for your social media fan pages in less than 10 minutes! Professional and stylish looking covers and backgrounds will improve your traffic and site’s reputation!

How important are social signals for your SERPs and SEO? Here’s Google’s answer below:

creating facebook timeline cover, twitter and youtube backgrounds

There is one site called There are a lot of excellent and truly amazing graphics which you can use for your projects! In the search field of the site simply type:”Facebook timeline cover”, “Twitter background” or “YouTube background.” From the results you can choose the best cover or background which will suit you and your site! You can filter your results by “Rating,” “Sales,” “Price,” “Relevance” and “Date.” You can also check the menu on the left – “Categories” and choose from: “Web Elements,” “Icons,” “Textures,” “Vectors,” “Presentation Templates,” and “Add-ons”.

The prices for the graphics are really low and affordable. From $2 to $6 you can buy and download .psd files, change them in Photoshop to an acceptable file version and upload to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Fan Pages. It will save you time, effort and money!

In the video tutorial below you will see how easy it is to select and change the best background or/and cover for your YouTube Channel and Facebook, Twitter Fan Pages:

HINT: After you are ready, you can leave a positive feedback in the “Comments” field. A lot of people are curious about these projects and will check your work. Moreover, you will get a nice backlink from a page with a decent PR :-) And who knows – you may get a new subscriber or a client from there as well!