Learn how to find and sell PLR products on eBay

EBay is still a good place to try and sell your information products, if you got CDs or DVDs and namely for people who don’t want to spend their time developing a site doing all the keyword research or doing marketing with pay per click or anything like that, if you have already got eBay which has millions of people come into it every day if you can still sell those how to products on eBay. And my response to that was, yes you can, but you need to be very specific, it needs to be a very targeted market. Let me just show you couple of examples here and one of the examples that I mentioned on a show was that maybe something like organic gardening.


Now organic gardening is something which is very trendy or hot today, because of the fact that more people are planting gardens in their backyards. They are looking to, I guess with the cost of food, people are looking at that as an option, plus you get a better quality, you avoid the pesticides and things like that, that go into a lot of the produce that you buy at the store. So I got on eBay and did some searching and came actually across a number of different products on organic gardening. But what interested me most is the way that these products were actually complied, because these are something that anybody doing a little research can do and create a nice little side business online.

And I am going to give you an example: This person has a title called “Gardening Vegetables” – “Its Organic Gardening”, they are selling a CD ROM and this CD ROM consist of 30 eBooks that they put on a CD ROM and they are selling this for the price of a $1.99 and they are charging $2.99 shipping. Now, that does not sound like they are making a whole lot but if you look down at the history, they have sold actually 35 of these products, but if you come up here and look at their total, they sold well over 5000 eBook products and we are going to come back to that in a minute, because I am going to show you some other titles this particular person has put together.

Now the interesting thing to that is if we go down and look at the description of these titles we can see that they list out all of the titles of the eBooks and pages that are on the CD ROMs, so they can get a good overview of what they will be getting. But what interested me even more is when we get down to the bottom we come across in bold print, this statement “All of these rare and hard to find books are in public domain, they were produced in the late 1800s and early 1900s and they became public domain in 1920”. So, what this person has done is take in literally all of these books that are available. Anyone can take these book titles because they are in public domain and put them together in a format like a CD ROM and actually sell those on eBay. Now again, he is not making high profit but we are going to look here in a minute and see that there are a number of other titles this person is selling and it has created a nice little business.

But before that I want to show you just how easy it is to find some of these public domain titles. It is really not that difficult specially with Google now. If we go over to Google books and you can find this at books.google.com, we can go in and type in a simple title like organic gardening. If we do a search, we will come up with a number of titles and it will give us a listing of magazines and books and all sorts of information on organic gardening. The problem with this is, we can see with the dates, this is 2007, so most of these titles that its showing me or not in the public domain. So what we have to do is we are going to have to come back up, we will have to go to the settings and refine our search a little bit. So we want to go up to the settings, we will click the advanced search, we want to come over here and make sure all of our content is in book format, we don’t want magazines, we want books. We want to click on full view only, and then we will come down here to the dates, this is the most important part. We want to specify what dates , for example here, we are going to type 1880 to let’s say 1922 because I think everything prior to 1923 does fall into the public domain. So we will set 1882 , 1922 and then once we have typed all of that in, we will just click search and that will narrow our search criteria so that we will have a list of eBooks in PDF format for all books related to organic gardening during that time frame. Now for an example, I am going to come up here and if I click gardening, here is a nice title, “Gardening for amateurs a simple, complete and practical guide”. So if I click on that I will have access to this book, you will be able to see, I can scroll down through all the pages on that, but I really want to grab this book and save it because I will be compiling a list of it. So what I need to do is come over here at this same setting, we are going to click on that and then we have the ability to click on download PDF and once we do that, that will save this particular eBook. We can save it to our desktop or save it to a folder where we might be compiling a list of these eBooks. So simple as that, probably take us about an hour , we could compile a whole huge list of eBooks that are in public domain on organic gardening.

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Now let’s go back up, I want to look at another, I mentioned earlier that this particular person has, if you click on that , they are selling a number of different titles in the same format, almost all of them are in public domain, I have looked at them, this person has one in particular, I am going to click and show you. This same person is selling one on cheese making eBooks on CD. They have 20 books that they are selling on CD and again just as the organic gardening if we scroll down through all these titles, we will see at the very bottom that again, all of these rare and hard to find books are in public domain that were produced in the late 1800. So again this person has once again taken this concept and niche, “Cheese Making” and has gathered together a list of 20 eBooks that were in public domain, put those onto a CD ROM and is selling that. Now on this particular price, this person has this one selling for $4.99, but they are not charging it as shipping. So if we look at this and the other one on organic gardening, this person probably after spending with the expenses of a CD ROM, a disc which probably costs him about 20 cents and this person is sending these discs out in just a simple flat mailer which is not expensive at all. So all in all he is probably making a $3.00 profit on these CD s and if you look at gain, look at the number if we break this number down over the last year and we go down by the last 12 months, this person has sold about 5000 of these disks or these titles, the CD ROM he is sending them out , you got your $3.00 profit, you can run the numbers on that, close to 5000 and he is not making killer money by any means, but it is a small side business that you can create and add an additional stream of revenue per month that you are using online and you do not even need a website to do that.

I will give you an example of another title that this person is doing, “Bee Keeping”. Same deal, we go down here, this person now they have compiled a list of 30 Bee Keeping books and again all in public domain as we see down at the very bottom, all of these books are in public domain. So again, this person is selling these for roughly the same price, this one they are selling for $0.99, but again charging $2.99 for shipping. So the price varies from product to product. Then all together they have gone through number of different products like this that they put together and they have compiled them. So, if you think about it, most of the work is upfront, where you are compiling these and doing a little research using Google books to come across these public domain books and then you are just simply compiling these and then when you get the orders, you just save them on to a CD and then you are shipping them out in a little flat mailer. Not very expensive, not very time consuming either, that you are having. You are not really having to box them up, you drop the CD in an envelope and ship them out.

Now this is once case study, I want to look at another case study that is a little bit different, but is a pretty cool model too. This one I came across is on worm farming. This particular individual is selling an eBook on eBay and the title of this is on “Worm farm recycle compose pile soil plant organic guide”. The difference on this particular book, he is selling it for $3.49 but the difference on this one is that this is just a digital eBook, one single eBook that is delivered via PDF, we can see down here, via PDF, DOC or Text. Once the person has clicked the Buy Now or has paid for the book, they will get this particular eBook delivered to them via PDF. So, no upfront cost, no compiling on CD ROMs or anything like that, no shipping costs or anything like that they have to worry about, just simply a digital product. Now the question is, where do they get this? Is this also a public domain product? And the answer to that is no, actually it’s not, but what is interesting is I was very curious about this title, so I went over to this site called plrstore and this stands for private liberal rights. This is a site where I have purchased private liberal rights, eBooks and reports in the past to use on within different niches and so what I did was I typed in worm farming, sure enough I came across this particular eBook that is a private liberal right product. So if we scroll down we see that for $5.99 we can get this PLR book and we can then use it, we can sell it on our website, we can sell it via eBay, however we want to sell it, we can also add in, we can change that give us the texts back in it, so we can add in affiliate links, we can add our names to the title or what have you in real to personalize this book and then you can sell this book on eBay. So let’s go back, this person has paid $5.99 for this PLR book and is selling this title at $3.49. If we look though, they sold 60 of these titles. So they paid $5.99, but they have sold 60 of these titles, so they have invested a onetime fee of $5.99 but have sold 60 of these just on worm farming and if we scroll down a little more, we are going to see this person has a whole list of other titles that are actually PLR books that they have purchased and are selling. So the question is, okay they have sold 60 of these, if we go up again to the top, up here and see the total , we will see that this person has sold well over 4000 eBook titles and with a majority of these being public domains titles.
So a nice little side business and this one that has very little upfront cost or overhead as far as shipping CD s, mailers or anything like that. So this is another example of how you can sell information products on eBay if you have got a very specific niche. It can be something that’s very general like internet marketing or anything like, how to write an eBook, or how to publish an eBook or something simple like that, that’s just not going to sell on eBay. It needs to be something that is very simple, clear and very specific, very niche oriented and these titles seem to be doing very well.