In this video (27:18) you will discover fourteen+ useful tips and tricks which you may use with your Scrapebox program.

Unknown Scrapebox Tips and Tricks:

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  1. To highlight a group of links/proxies hold the SHIFT key, choose the links and copy/replace them
  2. In the Keyword Scraper window you can see the Domain Lookup button which will allow you to see whether particular domains (you might be interested in) are available for sale (like GoDaddy Auction). Before using this tool make sure to scrape or put the keywords you want to find the domain(s) for.
  3. Have a look at the Export option (for your links for example) – there is not only ‘Export to .txt’ available – but also ‘to HTML’ (if you want to make those link automatically click-able), Excel spreadsheet and RSS XML list – this function is useful if you DO NOT have an RSS feed or you simply want to submit these RSS to the RSS directories. You can also check the indexed and non-indexed URLs
  4. Under the Grab button you can see some sub-buttons. They are: grab emails from harvested URLs, grab comments from the URLs and finally grab meta info (Description, Keywords, Title). The last option is useful to scrape and analyze your competitors’ URL
  5. Check PR statistics is an option under the ‘Export URL list’ after you’ve checked the PR and want the see the average results for a particular keyword.
  6. In the installation directory of the Scrapebox you can find a folder called “Harvester_Sessions” where
    you can find the harvesting history + the keywords used. Scrapebox saves the URLs on your hard drive in a real time – which is very handy (they won’t get lost)!
  7. The ‘Delay’ button is useful if you do not want your IP (or proxies) banned. One great feature is the RND (stands for random) delay (up to 60 sec.) which you may activate under: Settings >> Adjust RND Delay Range.
  8. To expand the harvesting possibilities and find out more options for harvesting – click on Settings >> Use custom harvester and click on “Start Harvesting”. You will be able to harvest over 25 search engines and web tools (not only Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing). You can also add your very own search engine you wish to scrape (maybe a local one)! Simply find the “NEW” button and fill in the information required.
  9. In order to get better success rate whenever posting your comments, make sure to randomize your harvested URLs! For example, you’ve harvested 500 URLs from the same domain name – randomize them (prior to posting) in order to avoid the bad response from the server. You can do this under: Settings >> Randomize Comment Poster Blog List (it will randomize the URLs automatically).
  10. If you want to automatically remove URLs from the same domain (to save time) do it here: Options >> Automatically Remove Duplicate Domains.
  11. You can set up an e-mail notification to get notifications right after particular tasks are completed. To do so, go to: Options >> Setup Email Notification Server + set up it there. It is very useful for the smartphone – so you will know exactly when the Scrapebox program is ready! :-)
  12. Under the ‘Tools’ menu you can find Scrapebox Text Editor which has a lot of creative options.
  13. Next to the scraping option you have 2 unnoticeable buttons with an arrow down (showing that there are addition options below). Under the “D” button you can select to scrape your local Google – for example –,,, etc. Under the “T” letter you have the option to choose what to scrape – Default, News, Videos and Blogs.
  14. To use multiple Scrapebox copies on your PC (based on your resources) – simply create a new folder with the Scrapebox inside! :-)

Scrapebox can now post to 23 new platforms! Watch the video below about the Fast Poster Update and the additional 27+ platforms: