Scrapebox is an excellent SEO software with a lot of functions – scraping, harvesting, checking backlinks and many more. One of the main features of Scrapebox is that its creator is constantly developing additional add-ons to it! They are called premium plugins and CAN really boost Scrapebox’s usability and multiply its functionality!

Scrapebox premium plugins screenshot

Currently there are 3 premium Scrapebox plugins:

  1. Rank Tracker
  2. Automator
  3. Article Scraper

Down below you can watch tutorials from the creator of Scrapebox dedicated to these plugins. There are really nice ideas implemented in these addons – so make sure to watch them. :-) Also – whenever there are new plugins and new video lessons from looplinescrapebox’s YouTube channel, they will be posted here!

1. Rank Tracker Video Tutorial

2. Automator Video Tutorials

Video 1

Video 2

3. Article Scraper Video Tutorial

Learn how to post articles and comments on your own blog

If you love Scrapebox (like me!) you can watch our Scrapebox video course PRO to learn more Scrapebox tips, techniques and backlinking methods! Click HERE to watch.