Hi this is Keith Everett. What I am going to do today, is show you a very quick way of leveraging your time, in other words I am going to show you how to make money on the internet, I am going to cut through all the BS and I am going to do it in a very short video.

So the first thing, lets imagine this scenario, you have a job and you go to work Monday to Friday, you do 40 hours a week and you earn £400 a week. I know there is a lot of people watching this video, saying wow! I don’t earn £400 a week. But let’s just say this is a nice round figure, that is around $604 per week. That’s what you got to work for at the moment. Let’s say you do 40 hours, obviously you probably do more because there is the travel backwards and forwards to work etc, and if you do 40 hours you can earn about £10 an hour or you can earn about $15 per hour. Now, I appreciate obviously that is more than what a lot of people earn, however it’s just round figures, so we use these figures.

When you work from home you are leveraging your time far more than this, because obviously you go to work, you work 40 hours for £400. If you were selling products on the internet, assuming you were earning 100% commission, you know £400 you could make that selling 10 x £40 products, or 10 x $60 products, per week. Now think of the effort you put in to do your job for this amount of money and just think if you put the same effort in, if you put the same hours in, do you think you could earn this? Do you think to sell 10 products per week at £40. Yeah, it’s reasonable wasn’t it, you could learn how to do that. I am not saying you do that first, chances are you would not just leave your job anyway, I would not recommend anybody ever to just leave their job. But let’s say you build this business up in your spare time and you spend an hour a night, you spend 2-3 hours on a Saturday, 2-3 hours on a Sunday, you could probably build this business up. So, you could sell 10-15 products a week at that price.

Now here is the thing, with selling things online, it’s made extremely complicated, you know people when they look at internet marketing, there is so much on it. The book would be bigger than the Bible, you know if you had a whole book on everything about internet marketing, it would be huge. The thing is it does not need to be huge because really it is about marketing, finding good products to sell and putting one in touch with the other. So, in other words, you send traffic to a product or a product page and if you sent enough of the right traffic , you will make sales. That’s it in a notch and rest in a simplified version okay? But there is so much overwhelm out there, because you know, you are told to do this, that and the other, put an auto responder connected to this, build a sales funnel, you go to do this and then you have got to get traffic as well, so that’s why a lot of people think it is very complicated, when it isn’t.

Ideally what you really need to think about on the internet is, sell products that people want. So, if you are creating a product, don’t create products that you want, create products that people want. Otherwise you are not going to make the sales that you want. If you are selling other peoples products, sell products again that people want, but also sell products, where you are getting a good commission, because if you were doing your own products, apart from your initial costs, you would be making 100% commission, if you are like 100% the price. So you want to sort of look to sell other people’s products as near to a 100% commission as you can. And here is another thing , sell products where you get a residual income. What I mean by that is, if you are selling memberships where people have got a membership fee to pay each month, let’s say it is only $25, that is a lot better than keep finding a new $25 customer each month for that product. So sell residual products, products that are going to sell well but also people are going to sign up to something like a membership site, and that way you know they will sign up for a few months, hopefully and you will get the benefit of those commissions coming in every month and if you sell enough of them you will have a lot of commissions coming in every month and that would be just dropping in into your bank account, which is good, but you do have to do the initial work.

Now, if you are going to sell stand alone products, personally, and I made this statement when I first came into the internet marketing, I started selling very low price products, and that was a big mistake, because if I sold 100 products for $7, they were one offs. So one month I would sell a 100 products and I have made $700. But then again I have got to do the whole thing again next month, I have got to find another 100 customers to sell that product. So the thing to do is, if you are selling stand alone products and that could be eBooks, video courses, any coaching courses, anything where you just buy it, make sure it is a decent price and not only a decent price, but a decent commission.

So, sell a product for $500, its not really that much harder to sell a product for $500 than it is to sell a product for $47, trust me! People think $47, $500, wow it must be 10 times harder to sell that $500 product, it’s not. If they like you and they like that product and they trust you, they will buy it. I am not saying everyone will buy it, but you will get sales. It is better to sell 3 or 4 products a month of $500, alright, that would give you $1600 – $2000. If you are selling a $47 product, you could sell about 50 to get the same amount. So, it pays to sell higher priced products, but when you do that also make sure you are getting higher commissions.

Now, one of the things I am involved in, is a product line of very high commissions. So, rather than talk about that now, just click the link under this video , check it out ok, that’s what I am doing at the moment, so let’s get back to this. Sell products that are residual, so you get paid every month , again make sure you get a good commission. Don’t sell over 25% commissions and even 50% that is a bit low. Try and get a 100% commission if you can, because this deals out. If you are selling stand alone products, go for high prices of $500 or $1000. Just make sure you equip yourself with the right accounting software and tax calculators as these financial figures can easily become perplexing. You know the guys that make a lot of money in internet marketing, are the guys that sell this big priced launches, the big products that cost an arm and a leg, it costs about $1500 to $2000. Now lot of them are very good, they are, don’t get me wrong. So they are worth it, but that is what you want to do. Don’t keep selling low priced products because you can sell so much, you are not really leveraging your time properly. Now remember we are talking about leveraging your time to get the best return for the time you invest in it. Now once you do all this and you have been doing this a while and you are earning as much as your job, and again I am not guaranteeing you will, but if you do that and you are earning as much as your job, then you can let your job go, as long as you are confident in what you are doing and you think it is going to last and there is no reason why it shouldn’t. I have been around in the internet, just as an internet marketer now for three years and there has been a few changes, but it is pretty much the same. You get products, and you send traffic to them, it is a really simple equation. So, once you have done that now and now you are going to leverage your time properly, you build your business and once you build your business to the level that you perhaps enjoyed before, you can now afford to stop buying back some of your time that you lost and here is what I mean; you can now start to outsource jobs that you do not like doing, because you can outsource work probably a lot cheaper than what you are prepared to do it for, because there is a lot of people out there, especially in some of these more exotic countries, or should I say, where the average wage is very low and I am not saying exploit those people, but in some of those countries they are very glad to the work and if you can supply someone with good work and pay them reasonably well, there is no reason why you should not outsource that work to them and that means, you are working less, you are using your time better and you are leveraging your time to make the money and to have the time that you deserve for yourself, your family etc.

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So, hope you have enjoyed this tip today, it is just really a about leveraging your time and not spending the rest of your life working for someone else, probably in a job you do not enjoy . You know, I have done that and it can be soul destroying. So take care and I will speak to you soon, alright, bye for now.