In this video tutorial you will learn how to secure your Joomla site. As you know, Content Management Systems (CMS) have some vulnerabilities when it comes to security. To protect our Joomla website there are some options.

The first one is to use ONLY eligible and original Joomla templates. DO NOT USE TEMPLATES FROM TORRENTS SITES! They have a lot of security holes and they will ruin your efforts in the future. Whoever uploaded “cracked” Joomla templates knows how to get inside and destroy your hard work! So please spend some money and buy Joomla templates from some good known sources. There are very good and professional Joomla CMS templates which you can buy at affordable prices – from $10 to $50!

The second issue is the administrator folder or area. You MUST protect it! As a default there is no protection. You can use a special plugin (5KB) called JSecure. Currently it costs $9.99 and I would highly recommend it! By using special custom key known only to you, you will be able to protect your administrator area! Simply go to Plugin Manager and in the options of JSecure input your personal key. After that you will be able to access your Joomla site by going to: http://YOURSITE.COM/administrator/?YOUR ACCESS KEY.

tutorial about joomla security issuesFor the protection of your administrator area you can use a custom .htaccess file. It will protect your administrator folder from unwanted visitors and show them ERROR 500 – Internal Server Error. Upload it using an FTP program in the “administrator” folder of your Joomla site and whenever you decide to get-in, simply change this file’s name – for example simply add “.txt” at the end of .htaccess file – and you will be able to get inside. After you finish with your work simply remove “.txt” from the end of the .htaccess file. You can also use this file for your WordPress sites and the WP-admin area.

Download this Joomla protection file for FREE (in .txt format)!


Joomla is basically a system that is nowadays highly in use in order to manage the web contents. In this site you will get all the knowledge about Joomla that will help you to having its advantage at the fullest. This is a great system that has a huge potential to develop your site. In our course of Joomla, we teach you the process of setting up your personal e-shop with the use of VirtueMart component along with the key of your profit using this method.

But there is something else that is very important for you to know. This is how to secure the Joomla site. Now, when cyber-crime is increasing rapidly, this is an important lesson for each and every Joomla site owner. There are certain keys like modules, plugins and components are used to protect the Joomla site. You may about this but this is not enough. You must know the proper use of such process. So let us have a small discussion regarding the security of Joomla site.


In order to secure the Joomla site there are certain components most of which are used for website security purposes. SEF component is mainly used for making the Joomla Search Engine friendly. However, it provides security benefits to the site as well. It is always better for you to use a default Joomla URL since it informs your viewers more and more facts about your site. The SEF component makes the task of finding out the final security susceptibilities more much harder and complicated.
There is a special version of SEF component that will help you most to secure your site. It is sh404SEF which accounts a security component as well that helps to stop the attacks on your Joomla site and in fact this component will send you warning if there is any danger. But this is just one of the components that are helpful to secure your Joomla site. But is it possible to have something more convenient at free of cost? The answer is yes, it is. You just need to inform the hackers that your site is made up of Joomla system and that is enough to make them confused about where to start the hacking from or how to start it.


Another very important thing that contributes a lot in securing your Joomla site is called the Module. You must take proper care of the modules for the protection of your Joomla site. Be careful that whenever you are installing Joomla on your site; never ever permit the FTP layer into it since it opens up a security hole. Apart from that always use a sturdy password and make the site updates with the latest and advanced versions of Joomla.


J secure authentication plugin is considered as one of the most secure and reliable plugins for Joomla site. A back end URL is associated with every Joomla site and therefore setting up a security plugin you can add a suffix to the back end URL that will male site look like a http:/ one. However a regular change of the suffix is required and the plugin comes at a very affordable price.

The last security tip for protecting Joomla site is one excellent Joomla component called RSFirewall. This component has a lot of options which will protect your Joomla site in the long term. It will prevent DoS attacks, MySQL and PHP injections and other attacks. Also it will allow you to put in additional passwords for your administrator area. You can also check this article – Joomla Security Checklist and protect your site from unwanted intruders!

Overall, Joomla is one very good CMS with a lot of functionality and protecting your site is essential! By using these simple security tips for your Joomla site(s) will give you confidence that ONLY you and the people you trust will have an access to it!

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