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Hi guys this is Sam and this is another video I am making right now. Today I have come across a great article and I have tweeted about it, but probably you are not my follower yet, so I decided to make a video about it. So, if you go to a website dailyfinance, you will find a great article about Mark Zuckerberg and I will put a link below this video, so just click the link and it will take you to the article, but here are six secrets for success, and these are what I want to talk about.

Internet Business Working From Home? Learn This Before Starting

Step 1

You know because, #1 is Believe in yourself, if you want to make money online, or if you want to build a business or if you want to achieve something, you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that what you are doing is the right thing for you and if someone tells you, “you know this is not going to work”, do not care about that, do not worry, just do what you want to do and do the things how you want to how you want to do them and you know just believe in yourself, believe that you can do it, believe that your intuition is the right thing to do. Just do not listen to other people. This is exactly how Mark built Facebook. Everyone told him, “you know Mark this is not going to work” and look at Facebook now. Okay, so this is the first step.

Step 2

Number #2 secret is, just get it done, even if it is not perfect. True it is 100% true. If you do not get it done, for example, you build a product or you create a product, you build a plug-in, you build a website or anything. If you want to build a website and to make it absolutely perfect, you are not going to put the website on web. You know why? Because it is never going to be perfect. It is always going to be 90% good, but never 100%. So just, do not care about this, just put it there and make a simple website, put 5 articles in there and publish it. You know, just put it up there and that is it. It does not have to be perfect, just get it done, right?

Step 3

Number three, stick to your vision and tune out the naysayers. As I told you before, just do not listen to people. Stick to your vision. Follow your intuition. Just do what you think is the right thing for your business, for your website, for whatever you want to do but just stick to your vision.

Step 4

Four, loyalty breeds success. This should be the number one thing you always have to care, about your relationships with the customers or about the relationships with your followers, or about the relationships with everyone, because that is the number one thing these days. I do not know, if you know a guy called Gary Weiner Jack, he is talking about this, he is saying that you have to build a relationship. Because now we have Facebook, we have Twitter and everyone just, you know you take your mobile phone and write something called, tweet, “That guy is not a good guy” or something like that. And if the guy has 2000 or 20,000 followers, 20,000 people see that you are not a good guy. So, build a relationship with the people you want to do business with, or you whatever. Just build relationships with the people you are with.

Step 5

Number five, live below your means. If you follow your passion, if you follow your intuition, if you follow what you have to do what you want to do and you do not care about others, you do not have to have a Lamborghini, you do not have to have a Ferrari, or you do not have to have a big house or something. If you do what you want to do, the point is you are doing the thing you want to do and you do not have to make a million dollars a year, or I do not know, how much money you want to make. The point is, if you do what you like, if you do want to do, that is it, your life will be much happier.

Step 6

Number six, follow your passion – not the money. So, I think I was talking about number six, but it does not matter. The point is: follow your passion! This is it, if you do build a business for money, that is not the right thing. You have to do it, because you want to do it. It is your passion and it does not matter if you make a million dollars a year or if you make just, 10 thousand dollars a year. It does not matter, because you do what you want to do. If you are an internet marketer, you probably know that a lot of people tell you should pick a niche that you are passionate about. Why is that? Well, it is really simple, because if you pick a niche for example “weight loss” and you are slim, you know you have not been interested in weight loss because you know it is not really for you. Why would you pick this niche and how could you stick to the niche and build a business in that niche, If you just do not care about the niche. Do you get it? So the reason why you need to pick something that you are passionate about is really simple. You will stick to this and it will be for a long run. For example, you want to do weight loss and you are really passionate about weight loss, you would not care, if you did not make any money in the first three months. Why? Because you are passionate about the niche, and you are not doing because of the money but because you want to do it, just because that is your passion, that is something you feel good about. You do it because you like it and that is the point. You should never do and you should never start a business just because of the money.

Internet success - steps

Never ever start a business, if you just want to make money! It does not work like that, and probably you will never ever make that much money as if in the case when you do something that you are passionate about!