In this article you will learn how to quickly and effectively create high quality and very beneficial info product(s) in ANY market, even if you know nothing about it!

First, we’ll need to choose our digital product’s type. Info products (instant downloadable ones) can be divided into 4 groups:

  • Audios to listen: Mp3, interviews
  • Videos to watch: Tutorials, courses, training
  • eBooks to read: Kindle eBooks, .pdf files, .doc files
  • Software to use: Plugins (for WordPress), modules and components (for Joomla), .exe files or different kinds of programs for SEO or web designing

Here is one very good video by Lisa Irby (her website) about creating an eBook and converting it to a .pdf:

Let’s say our digital product will be a downloadable eBook – a .pdf file about SURVIVAL (very popular in 2012). The title might be “Survival Guide – To Be or Not To Be” or “My Personal Survival Guide” – Now we will need content… Where to get some ideas? Here are some suggestions:

Go to and type in the search field: “survival eBook,” “survival for dummies,” “survival book,” or “survival guide” – For Dummies series are very popular and if there is a book already written about your topic – there is a huge potential for your eBook! Why? Because “For Dummies” series are sold only in paper format! :-)

Now, choose one book about “Survival” and see the contents of this book. Do the same for another book and so on… Combine and create the most interesting content in your opinion and you are almost ready! You can also type in Google “survival forum,” or “how to survive forum” and have a look at the threads there! Learn what people are talking about, what are their concerns and problems. You can do your own research and solve their problems! At least you will know that your eBook will be valuable because people will search for solutions and they will find them in your eBook! :-)

amazon screenshot

You might now ask yourself: “I don’t know how to write an eBook, what should I do?” Don’t worry!

You can always outsource!

Here are some useful sites where you can find very talented people who will write an eBook for you:

Make your own research – go to these sites, find reliable people and send them your content and research! It is that simple! The hard part was to create the content – after that, the people you hire will fill it in with valuable information! The price for your eBook may vary – it might be from $100 to $300. And it will take around 1 month. In my opinion the best way to create a quality digital product is to create it yourself. It is harder, but it is worth it. :-) You can also read how to motivate yourself, how to set up goals and be more productive! Read this article about the success topic.

After your eBook is ready you can create a cover for it with Photoshop which may look something like this:

how to create digital product

Good luck with your digital product creation!

To be able to sell online you will need a perfect web site. To learn how to build one, visit our site-building and web design educational tutorials.