I like WordPress as a Content Management System mainly because of the plugins. There are a lot of useful plugins for any type of work – for design, SEO, performance, security. They are all great when it comes to user experience, convenience and overall performance. There is one problem though. Installing a lot of plugins can slow down your site. There are plugins which create a lot of queries to the MySQL database and thus slow down the load time of your blog.

Recently I’ve discovered one excellent WP plugin for measuring plugins’ impact on your site’s load time which solves this issue. It is called P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) and it is free! :-) I used this plugin on my site and discovered that there was one plugin which was decreasing my site’s load time a lot. It was the Newsletter plugin. I have deactivated it and MySQL queries went from 68 to 42 and the speed improved as well! I highly recommend this excellent plugin for testing your WordPress site’s speed.

How to use P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler

First, download it from HERE (it is 502 KB). After that, install it on your WP site and activate it.
Go to ‘Plugins’ and choose ‘Scan Now.’

how to improve your wp plugins screenshot 1

You will see the number of plugins in use and the button “Start Scan.” Click on it.

how to improve your wp plugins performance screenshot 2

After that the plugin will do its job by scanning your web-site for about 30 seconds. Then you will see the message “Scanning is complete.” Click on “View Results.” You will see similar picture:

how to improve your wordpress plugins load time screenshot 3

From this picture is clear that one of the plugins (Attention Grabber – yellow one) “eats” a lot of resources and must be deactivated in order to improve the speed of your WP site! Let’s deactivate it and run P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) again.

how to improve your wordpress plugins load time and performance screenshot 4

As you can see, we have better metrics when it comes to performance! We have decreased the load time by 50%! Sometimes some plugins might be valuable for us and for the user and although they will slow down the site we can leave them active. But sometimes we can find better solutions by replacing the “bad performing” plugin. On one of my sites I had Newsletter WordPress plugin which was slowing down my WP site I have deactivated it and whenever I need to send a newsletter I simply activate it again! It is that simple!

Down below you can see some screenshots of this excellent and useful WordPress plugin. At the end – do not forget to deactivate it before leaving your site – it also takes some valuable time from your site loading speed!

how to improve your wordpress plugins load time and performance screenshot 5

how to improve your wordpress plugins load time and performance screenshot 6

P3 Plugin Performance Profiler Review

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) has a lot of additional options and features which you can play with. With this free and very valuable WordPress plugin you can improve the overall performance and load time of your web site or blog.

Review of P3 Performance Profiler WordPress plugin

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