When you incorporate the Joomla system on your site in order to manage the contents in more convenient way, you may face certain problems regarding the speed of the site. There can be a number of reasons behind the slow running of your Joomla site. If you want your Joomla website to run faster and provide speedy performance you need to follow certain tricks. There are some particular modules, components and plugins that are really helpful for the Joomla sites and having you those you can make you Joomla site much SE (search engine) friendly. Let us have a look at the key tools that will improve the performance of your Joomla site.

Joomla speed improvement tutorial


You need to use proper components that are useful for Joomla. Whenever it comes to the performance of Joomla, the first component we suggest is SEF. This is a multi-functional component indeed. The main function SEF is to make the Joomla website search engine friendly. But other than this, it has a great contribution in making it secured and it also helps the site running fast. Apart from those, CSS sprites also help your Joomla site a lot to provide speedy performance. This tool basically helps the site to avoid http requests and thus saves the time of loading. Now do not get scared with the CSS sprites. It is very simple machinery. The CSS sprites are a large image that is made known on your webpage. It is loaded on the page only once by the browser and then you can use the CSS to show different parts of the picture on different place of your site. This not only makes the site catchy and attractive to your potential audiences but at the same time you site runs faster. Apart from that if your site has several numbers of images, use JPG image. The JPG compression helps a lot in saving time.


Whenever you are launching your website comprised with Joomla system always incorporate correct image compression. CCK (Content Construction Kit) plugin is considered as one of the most effective plug in compression for Joomla. If your site is stuffed up with huge number of images, CCK plug-in works the best and you site runs in a dramatic speed.

Other than CCK, there is another plug in that helps a lot the website Joomla website to perform in a speedy way. It is Joomla Cache. This should be pre-settled into your Joomla website is from the initial times since it helps the pages to load faster. But while launching your Joomla site and later as well make sure that your Cache plug in activated and it is placed in proper order since it is sometimes found that this plug in disabled however in the Global configuration screen it is visible.

There exist some important and very efficient modules that work best to make your Joomla website perform faster. Here you will find all the modules having caching option however it is better for the menu module to not be cached. Choosing the correct module is very important indeed!


You can also use free CDN service from CloudFlare – Simply go to their web-page and set-up your site – it is very easy! Watch the video bellow to see how to do it:

If you are using Hostgator as your hosting provider, simply go to your cpanel by typing yoursite.com/cpanel and scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the orange cloud (Cloudflare under Advanced tab) and choose which domain names you are going to use with this great service!

Good luck with speeding-up your Joomla site! :-)