What are trackbacks?

Trackbacks are very similar to comments. They are used to inform and notify a website when it has been referenced in a post. A trackback consists of a link and sometimes of a snippet of text.

Scrapebox gives an opportunity to use trackbacks to create backlinks to your site. Usually I use trackbacks to create backlinks to the backlinks created for better and faster indexing. I do not use trackbacks for creating backlinks to the main site. The reason is obvious… :-)

Get for FREE our private Scrapebox trackbacks auto-approved backlinks list (in .txt format)
+ Excerpts list
+ Replace keyword list


NOTE: If you re-post to the failed URLs a second time it will increase your success rate. Check ALL the URLs you posted to, not just what Scrapebox says are successful.

How to Use Trackbacks Using Scrapebox?

what is a scrapebox trackback

Basically it is very easy. You will need 3 .txt files:

  1. Your Blogs (Number 1). This is a text file which you must play with. It consists of URLs with which you will be creating backlinks to (your site or buffer sites). This file contains your blog URL and Title. This is your domain you want backlinks for and the Title will be the anchor text used for the link to your domain.
  2. Trackbacks Excerpts (Number 2). This is a file with your comments. You can use ready-to-use file or configure and create your own keywords and text snippets.
  3. Blog List (Number 3). This is a list with Auto Approved (they are always Auto Approved – not like comments!) URLs of sites which accepts trackbacks. You can use Scrapebox to scrape URLs related to your niche. In this case you must type “You can leave a response, or trackback” in the Harvester field. The other option is to buy already scraped list(s). I am using this guy – vandy.stan@gmail.com His lists are always fresh and the prices are great! For example the last list I bought for $15 had 57.276 Unique URLs from 1174 Unique Domains!

Here is one video about the trackbacks and how to utilize them:

Settings for Submitting Trackbacks

how to use scrapeboxOnce you’ve uploaded these 3 files you will need to configure Scrapebox’s settings in “Settings” >> “Adjust Maximum Connections”. Your connection settings play a huge part in the process. Typical settings that I recommend:

Submit Trackbacks
Use less than 20 connections (I use 10). Absolutely make sure you choose to “Randomize comment poster blogs list” under settings. Not choosing to randomize your comment poster blogs list, will cause you to post to all the URLs from the same domain all at once, or in rapid succession.

This can seem like a DDOS attack to the web server of the domain. At which point it will shut you down and your comments won’t work. I also use the blog analyzer tool and shuffle the list before loading it. To get to the settings for Connections, Timeouts, and Randomize go to the top menus in Scrapebox:

  • Settings -> Adjust Maximum Connections
  • Settings -> Adjust Timeout Settings
  • Settings -> Randomize Comment Post Blogs List

You should either be using 10 or more private proxies or be using 10 or more public proxies that have a low latency and pass the IP test in Scrapebox. Private proxies will have a significantly higher success rate. Proxies are important because if a proxy doesn’t work when Scrapebox attempts to post to a blog, it will show that as a failed attempt, when it might have been a success had a quality proxy been used.

I recommend using private proxies for the best results. I am using this site for my proxies – http://servinio.com. The guy providing this service is great – always on time response, high quality proxies and low prices!

Here is one forum thread about VPS and finding private proxies for your work with Scrapebox – Click to learn more

You can watch our Scrapebox video course and lessons to learn more about this useful tool.