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checkScrapebox Tutorial for 2013 – from Beginner to Advanced
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Learn How To Use Scrapebox Like a Boss!

Scrapebox is a great SEO program! That’s for sure! But when you open the software for the first time it seems so complicated… and it really is! It has a lot of features, services and tools – scraping, harvesting, indexing, proxies, trackbacks, so much… So where do you start from?

Start from this Scrapebox Tutorial! Learn how to use this amazing SEO tool with this course. You can go from novice to professional in less than 2 hours! Is it possible? Yes, it is! Become a Scrapebox SEO expert TODAY! Analyze your competitors, steal their backlinks and reveal the secrets of being #1 in the search engines!

The course consists of 7 modules, 14 lessons and bonus Scrapebox tips section. Here is the content:

Module 1 – Overview and How to Use Scrapebox Effectively?

  • Overview of the software. Why Scrapebox is a must have tool for your SEO campaigns? – 05m 50s

Module 2 – First Campaign

  • Setting up proxies. Private proxies vs. public proxies – 04m 57s
  • Managing connections and footprints. Our first campaign. Scraping keywords and harvesting niche related backlinks – 07m 25s
  • Generating e-mails and names and creating backlinks – 11m 14s

Module 3 – Pinging and Indexing

  • Backlinks checker – check indexed sites – 02m 06s
  • Ping mode – pinging the backlinks – 09m 48s

Module 4 – Second Campaign

  • Second campaign. Going through the whole process again and submitting our buffer sites to the auto approved list – 13m 23s
  • Checking which backlinks are indexed and learn how to use indexing services – 06m 56s

Module 5 – Trackbacks

  • Trackbacks. Learn how to configure and use them – 10m 28s

Module 6 – Scrapebox SEO

  • Using Scrapebox with other programs – 14m 54s
  • Analyzing competitors backlinks and creating backlinks to their backlinks – 08m 37s

Module 7 – Scrapebox Tips

  • ScrapeBox Add-Ons – additional functionality. Captcha solving, Grab e-mails, Check pages PR – 12m 56s
  • Scrapebox tips and tricks. RSS service. Outsourcing – 12m 06s

Scrapebox Tutorials – Bonuses:

  • Footprints – 920
  • Indexing master list – 5904
  • Ping list – 72
  • RSS services – 107
  • Spunn comments – 2964
  • Auto approved backlinks – 610.447
  • Trackbacks backlinks – 481.315
  • Excerpts for your Scrapebox SEO campaigns
Scrapebox Tutorials Course PRO
Scrapebox Tutorials Course PRO

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Testimonials And Comments About Our Scrapebox Training:

John Albin:
I like that your methods are ‘real’ as opposed to most SEO lessons that just give background on what you can do but not HOW to do it. The Scrapebox tutorial is helpful. Thanks!

Looks great, I will consider buying it. First I want to test Scrapebox myself.

I found you through a blog post you made about YouTube video SEO. That was very helpful. I immediately purchased your ScrapeBox course. Alex, thank you for producing such a helpful tutorial series and for being available to answer my questions. Be well, Gary