…or how to steal backlinks, legally…

Whenever you are doing SEO for your web site or for your clients’ sites you might already know that the most valuable backlinks are the niche related backlinks! But how to find them?

Whatever your niche is, the chances that the first and/or second places are occupied by sites with very strong off page SEO campaigns are great. There are people working 24/7 against you. Sad, but true. The “big guys” are paying thousands of dollars to get to the most competitive and tasty place – the 1st one! There are SEO masters and companies creating backlinks to the different types of sites almost daily! How to outsmart them? Watch bellow our video tutorial on this topic:

There is one method to get your rivals’ backlinks in less than 10 minutes in 4 easy steps:

  1. You must know your competitors’ backlinks – how many backlinks do they have and what type of backlinks do they posseses. For this purpose you must visit this web site – Backlink Watch and enter your rival’s URL. Hit “Check Backlinks”. After a while you will get most of them. View the source of the page and Copy its content. Paste it on one .txt file. It is important because if you copy only the page itself (not the source code) you WILL NOT get the exact and full URLs!
  2. Use Scrapebox software to extract the backlinks from the .txt file created in Step One. Use the “Link Extractor” add-on. Also you can use one small program to extract the URLs from the text file called “guru’s URL Grabber” (it extracts website links from external files). You can download it from HERE (if he link is not working simply type in Google “guru’s URL Grabber” to find another one). Import the .txt file created in Step 1. with the URLs and the other text and extract and save the backlinks/URLs to another .txt file. You can name it “Extracted URLS”.
  3. You are almost done! Now you can check which backlinks are alive by using Scrapebox’s add-on “Alive Check”. By using Scrapebox add-on “Blog Analyzer” you can check which are blog comments with Spam protection or without it. Also note that these backlinks are your niche related ones and it is recommendable to use them for your niche site(s). It is good to submit/create backlinks to your web site manually. Yes, it is tedious, but the reward is awaiting – and it is the 1st place ranked spot! :-)
  4. That’s it! Now you know what your rival’s main power is and you can take advantage of it! And most importantly – you have the most valuable backlinks – niche related ones and you can use Scrapebox for your off page SEO campaigns and backlinking strategy!

Scraping Competitor’s Backlinks with Scrapebox – The Advanced Guide by the creator of Scrapebox – 3 Videos

how to steal backlinks

Thank you and Good Luck With Your SEO! Alex

Scrapebox is a great software which can be used in various ways! To learn more Scrapebox techniques see our Scrapebox video course.