In this tutorial you will learn how to batch resize images at once. You might need bunch resizing for some web design projects. For example – you are building a wedding site and there are a lot of images with huge dimensions. It will take a lot of time to load these images and therefore you might also need to to reduce their size and change their quality to 90% for example.

For our images resizing process we will need one small and free program called IrfanView. Download and install it on your PC. Then go to File >> Batch Conversion/Rename option. You will see the following window:

screenshot 1 irfanview

Make sure to check “Use advanced options” and click on the “Advanced” tab on the right. A new window will open:

screenshot 2 irfanview

Check the “RESIZE” button and choose your dimensions. To keep the ratio of the pictures don’t forget to check the “Preserve the aspect ration optio (proportional)”. You will have a lot of additional options for your images such as:

  • Sharpen the image
  • Auto adjust colors
  • Convert to gray scale
  • Change the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

The interface of IrfanView is pretty simple so you can adjust your pictures to your needs very easily. Then click OK.

On the top right of the program you can navigate to your images and choose the pictures you want to be resized. Click on them and then click on “Add” button – they will go down in the empty window bellow. Now select the Output folder for your images by clicking on the “Browse” button:

screenshot 3 irfanview

If you want to reduce picture’s size you can click on “Options” and change the percentage to 90% – this will reduce images’ size but still keep their high quality.

screenshot 4 irfanview

And now you are almost done!  After all of this just click on “Start Batch” and let the program do it’s job!