Whenever you are using Scrapebox or other SEO software for creating backlinks to your web sites it is very important to track your results and the anchor texts used for your off page SEO campaigns. Whenever you have more diversity regarding different usage of anchor texts your success rate and improvement in SERPs will be considerable!

For example do not use only one keyword for your URL – nowadays you MUST use as much keywords as you can! Let’s say your page is about “how to lose weight” – don’t use only this particular keyword, make a research in Google Keyword Tool and try to find related or very close keywords related to the main term. Instead of “how to lose weight” you may use:

  • how to lose weight rapidly
  • how to lose weight easily
  • how to lose weight tips
  • how to lose weight tips and tricks
  • how to lose weight guide
  • learn how to lose weight
  • learn how to lose weight rapidly
  • learn how to lose weight easily

And so on… Also do not forget to use sometimes as an anchor text the URL itself instead f the keywords and sometimes in front of the keywords you can also use “read more + YOUR KEYWORD(S)”, “click here to read more + YOUR KEYWORD(S)”

All above mention techniques are great for your off page backlinking efforts. To be ahead of the competition you may use Scrapebox to check what keywords and anchor texts you have used in your last campaign(s) and which one will you use for your future Scrapebox campaigns. So first of all run Scrapebox. Then select “Check Links” option:

how to check backlinks in scrapebox

You will have 2 options here. The first one is to select the list of websites with URLs to check or your URL(s) you are building backlinks for. The second one is the list of blogs to check for links – meaning the backlinks you have created. Click on open and Browse the .txt lists from your PC. You can also click on “E” button to edit the lists. Then click on “Check Links” button.

After that a new window will open with self-explanatory options:

backlinks checker scrapebox tutorial

Click on “Start” and let the Scrapebox check the backlinks! After it is done you can export “Live” backlinks and maybe create new backlinks to them for better link juice!

Here is one video from the creator of Scrapebox about the learning mode add-on in Scrapebox. By teaching Scrapebox to submit your site’s link to unique platforms and CMS, you will have unique backlinks!

and this one…

Learn more Scrapebox secrets by visiting our Scrapebox training video course.