Video Transcript:

So we added a 25, 26 Megabyte video to our word press library. Now I am going to show you how to host your video from your site instead of YouTube or Blip TV or any other website. For this I am going to use the JW Player. So let’s go to JW Player’s website. I am just going to type JW Player on the Google search engine and here I am going to select the second one LongTail video home of the JW Player. Now here I am going to download the JW Player. Type your email address and then click on download. For some reason here, it is blocking my download, so I am going to click Download File and then click on Retry, and I am going to save this Zip to my desktop. Select desktop and click save. I am going to close this window here and minimize the Longtail, the JW Player window because I am going to use it later. So here is my Zip file. I am going to create a folder and I am going to extract it inside that folder, so I won’t lose my extracted files in my desktop, very messy. So I just created a folder called New Folder (7), I am not even going to rename it, I am just going to drag and drop into my folder and I am going to extract it here. And as you can see, it extracted a mediaplayer -5.3-viral folder. Now inside that folder there is the instructions and the JW Player along with many other files. Now in the instructions there is a very important part here, go to the readme and here is your instructions. The quickest way is to unzip the downloaded ….. ., but there is a key here, “copy the contents into a folder called “jwplayer” at the root of your website.” So now we need to create a folder called jwplayer and drop it in our root. So here is an example : root the jwplayer and in there is supposed to be the player sw and the jwplayer.js etc. So you have to create a folder called jwplayer and there have the content.

jw player

JW player

So, ok let’s create that folder. So I am going to go back and I am going to create a new folder and this folder is going to be called like I said in the instructions jwplayer. Now here I am going to copy everything, just to be on the safe side. I do not have to copy them all, I just have to copy some of them, but they did not specify which one right? So I am going to do them all. And copy the content into the jwplayer folder. Now once you have the content inside the jwplayer folder, which is here, this is my mediaplayer and my jwplayer folder. Now you have to connect via ftp to your site, I use FileZilla for my file transfers. So login, and once you login, drop the folder into the root directory. My root in my case is the WordPress folder, not the one that is selected up there. In your case it is probably the one up there, not the WordPress folder. So I selected the WordPress folder here and I am going to drag and drop it into my root folder which is the WordPress in this case remember. So here it is, not done yet. Here it is, directory listing successful. So I successfully copied the folder as instructed into my root folder, here it is and now make sure I also have my videos folder with a 26 MB video that we uploaded on our previous tutorial, here it is 26 MB, right.

So now we go back to the WordPress as an administrator and we go to the file here, “How to Format and Reinstall Windows 7 to your media. Now I am going to click on it and it is going to give me a file URL. Now, copy the file URL, sorry file URL here. Right click, copy and now go to the LongTail website, where the JW Player is located. And now go to the JW Player Setup Wizard and here we have different parameters. So let’s configure one by one now. I am going to leave it as it is, the flvplayer with a single video for tutorial purposes and now I am on the embed parameters. I am going to type the height which is 340 and width which is 604. Now playlist, I am going to leave it blank. File properties, now here is where you are going to paste the link that we just copied from WordPress, here it is. Image, we are not going to use any images, because you can do it from WordPress. You can change the colors if you want, I am going to leave it default. Layout, under controlbar, I am going to select the over, so that when I put the mouse over, the control bar will come up. And under behavior, I am going to select autostart true, so it can start once I go to the page. Under external communication, I am going to leave it blank. So I am going to go ahead and update preview & code. So now my width is 604, my height is 340 and my mouse over is working perfectly, just like I configured on top. Now, we just have to copy the code here, make sure you copy the entire code and go back to your WordPress as admin and we are going to copy the code in your post. So go ahead and click on post, I already have one here, I am going to go ahead and delete it, just to make sure. Now I have no post, I am going to add a new one. I am going to call this one test, make sure that I am in HTML and not visual. Right click, paste, now I am going to click on publish.

You should be able to see your post now. If you run into a problem like this, “this text will be replaced”, no need to worry. Just go back to your ftp program and where you have your jwplayer folder, remember, you can either remove it or leave it there. In my case, I am going to delete it. You can leave it there if you want. And just go into the jwplayer folder and select these files, the jwplayer.js, swfobject.js, player.swf, JW Player embedding and the yt.swf. Make sure you have all five, and then drag it and drop it into your root folder, in my case remember it is the WordPress and then once the listing is successful, just go back to your website and refresh the site. Once you refresh it, you should be able to see it and this is a 26 MB file uploaded to your WordPress and then hosted by yourself. If you see the embedded code here, it did not come from any other sites like YouTube.