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Learn How To Use Joomla CMS Like a PRO!

Joomla CMS is one of the best Content Management Systems for creating beautiful, stylish and easy to navigate websites and projects! You can create your very own personal site, forum, company site or even e-shop! Because Joomla is an open source system, a lot of people are enthusiastically devoting themselves to building really useful and easy to use extensions for it. Joomla has a great number of features such as free templates, components, modules and plugins.

There is one problem though… when you download and upload the Joomla package for the first time it seems so complicated! A lot of questions emerge… how to install Joomla template and Joomla extensions? Which hosting to use? How to use FTP? How to create a database? How to secure Joomla sites? Which extensions to use for Joomla on page SEO? How to use and find the right components, modules and plugins for our goals… And many, many more! Where to start?

Joomla winnerStart with our Joomla Tutorials for beginners and advanced website builders! With its help you will learn how to use this excellent web-site building system and how to create different types of projects (sites, blogs, forums, e-shops, etc.) in less than 7 hours! Hours – NOT DAYS! Within these 44 HD Joomla lessons you will improve your web design skills, take them to the next level and maybe become a professional web designer! Moreover, you will learn how to protect and optimize your site for the search engines and thus increase your online profits!

Joomla Tutorial Full Course PRO consists of 7 modules, 44 video lessons + bonus files. Here is the whole content:

Module 1 – The Foundation

  • Web hosting overview
  • cPanel overview
  • Using FTP program

Module 2 – Overview and How to Install a Joomla Template

  • What is Joomla CMS?
  • Where can we get templates?
  • Components, modules and plugins – free and paid
  • Installing Joomla using Fantastico De Luxe
  • Quick overview of Joomla administrator area
  • Global configuration
  • Menu manager
  • Section, category and article manager
  • Extension tab. Components, module and plugin manager
  • Installing another template and language. Template manager. Language manager

Module 3 – Project 1 – Personal Site

  • Installing our first Joomla site using Quickstart and Joomla 2.5 Template
  • Creating database
  • Module positions of the template. Using the template manager to configure the template
  • Creating “About me” article and linking it to the menu
  • Installing photo gallery using the Phoca gallery component. Basic settings
  • Creating contact us form
  • Getting rid of unused items

Module 4 – Project 2 – Business Site

  • Choosing and installing the template using cPanel and the quick start package
  • Template manager and module positions. Initial settings
  • Creating categories for our site
  • Adding a video into an article using special plugin AllVideos
  • Creating gallery for our portfolio using Ozio gallery component
  • Contact us form. Settings
  • Cleaning up our web site
  • Setting up the newsletter using the CCNewsletter component and one module
  • Share me module

Module 5 – Project 3 – Simple E-shop

  • Choosing the template for our e-shop with the built-in VirtueMart component
  • Installing the template
  • Admin and configuration settings. Editing our store. Manufacturers and categories
  • Products

Module 6 – Joomla Security

  • Joomla security issues. Protecting our administrator directory using JSecure plugin
  • Securing the admin panel using .htaccess file
  • Component for our security – RS Firewall. Protect your website with a security scanner

Module 7 – Joomla SEO

  • Validator
  • Meta tags. Title. Description
  • Using SEO elements for our keywords. Images’ SEO. Inner backlinking
  • SEO component for Joomla – SH404SEF. Basic settings
  • Sitemap xml component – XMap. Submitting our sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Improving Joomla speed using CDN

Joomla Tutorial – Bonuses:

  • Bonus Lesson 1: Learn how to add .swf file in Joomla sites ( + flash game for embedding). Embedding flash into Joomla site using flashmod module
  • Bonus Lesson 2: How to create your very own Joomla template? Quick Artisteer and Joomla template tutorial
  • .htaccess file for protection and security of your Joomla site
Joomla Tutorials Course PRO
Joomla Tutorials Course PRO

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