The online marketplace keeps on changing constantly, and so does the need for developing solutions that can help keep up with the changes happening in the web industry. However, doing so bring forth many challenges for designers and developers. Fortunately, today we can access dozens of tools that helps lessen the burden of designers and developers in completing their web development process. Below is a list of some of the best web resources that help webmasters solve some particular web related development issues or provide ease in accomplishing several web development tasks.

Schema – A UI FrontEnd Framework


Schema is a modular, front-end framework that makes the process of building complex web interfaces become a breeze. It’s responsive and help you create similar experiences across multiple device screens. This framework is built with LESS, and thus provide a clean and easily manageable code. So, whether you’re planning to build a prototype or are already working on some web application that is ready for production, Schema can provide you will all the necessary components that makes designing any responsive project a hassle-free task.

Brackets – Text Editor For Designers


This is an open-source text editor founded by Adobe that makes it easy to design for the modern web. There are numerous text editors available on the web, but not all of them care exclusively about web developers. However, “Brackets” is designed to provide support to designers as well as web developers to meet their web development needs. Every web project contains interrelated JavaScript, HTML and CSS files. These files are generally spread in the form of tabs at the top of your editor. When it comes to making edits in any one of the files there are a lot of things you need to do, which can be a lot challenging for you. But Brackets enable you to perform quick edits in your files without much hassles.

Nibbler – A Testing Tool


It’s a fast and extremely fast testing tool that enable designers as well as developers to test their websites. In order to use this tool all you need to do is simply enter the URL of the website, and Nibbler will respond by facilitating you with a report that provide website score out of 10. This tool provides the score to a site after testing it on some key areas including SEO, accessibility, social media etc.

Sketchfab – Help Publish, Share and Embed 3D Content


Nowadays many designers tend to create 3D models, and it doesn’t make sense to share the 3D content in 2D. This is where Sketchfab comes in. Sketchfab is an ideal platform where you can publish, share as well as upload files in 3D version. You can upload 3D content directly on or instead use any one of Sketchfab exporters. After uploading your 3D models on Sketchfab, you can stuff them up on any web page, and also choose to share them on other platforms like WordPress, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc.

Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework


Ionic is an open-source front-end framework built and maintained by dedicated developers and designers. It helps to create amazing hybrid mobile apps using diverse web technologies. It’s a free front-end framework that comes with a library of mobile compatible HTML, CSS and JS components, tools etc. that helps in developing highly-interactive apps. Ionic is built using Sass, and uses AngularJS for building a framework that help to develop robust applications. It’s the perfect tool for developers and designers that enables them to perform mobile app development optimized for diverse platforms. What’s more? It helps resolve many complexities that otherwise need multiple libraries. This helps in keeping your code cleaner.

Material-UI – A CSS Framework Implementing Google’s Material Design


If you stay glued to the mobile industry, then you would most likely have heard about Google’s new visual language, called Material Design. If you’re interested in implementing Google’s Material Design, then Material-UI is the best bet for you. It’s a CSS framework that comes along with a set of React components that helps to implement “Google’s Material Design”. This framework is written in Less, and is licensed under MIT License.

ProgressBar.js – A Library to Build Responsive Progress Bars


Do you want to develop stunning and responsive progress bars with animated SVG? Well, then ProgressBar.js is the perfect tool for you. It’s a lightweight JavaScript library that helps in crafting arbitrary-shaped progress bars. It provides some built-in shapes such as Circle, Line and Square but also enable you to create custom progress bars via Illustrator or some other graphic editor. It is MIT licensed and supports all the modern browsers. With this tool, you can easily change color of your progress bars along with animation.


Hopefully, the aforementioned list of tools will help you overcome the challenges and obstacles associated with web development.

Author Bio :- Ben Wilson is a WordPress developer who converts any website to WordPress theme with ease. He has got more than half decade of experience in these verticals.