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Learn SEO and Be #1!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of promoting your web site to the search engines with the main goal – achieving the first position in the search engines’ results (SERPs). SEO has 2 parts – On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.
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Learning On Page SEO tactics will give you the ability to create user and search engines friendly web-sites. Methods used here are based on some specific rules. Before developing any type of site, be sure to analyze your competitors and try to find really good keywords to promote – with medium or even easy competition by using special services or software start with keyword selection, research and testing.

The next step is to create well-optimized articles for your web site by using special tags such as the description and title tags. The usage of H1, H2, H3 and other on-page SEO elements is crucial nowadays, especially after recent algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin) of some search engines such as Google.

Also be sure to use the ALT tag for your images, and do not forget to add the exact dimensions of your pictures in the source and thus help the crawling bots with their hard work. After that, make sure that you are using smart developed URL structure and internal linking strategy for your inner pages. Through the usage of proper and related keywords to your niche, you will content create a website with good usability and accessibility for your visitors and maybe attract potential clients.

After all of this, check your site for any errors using Validator page. Whenever it is possible, correct them. Then create an XML site map and submit it to the Google Web Master Tool for faster indexing! Do not forget to track your Search Engines Rank Positions (SERPs) on a weekly basis and if needed, try to create new posts and articles related to the topic of your site.

To have great success with your site or web project you will need to learn the basics of off page SEO. Again – make sure to research, analyze and test the keywords you will be fighting for (target a large list of keywords from 5 to 500+). At the end – a good preparation is the key for your victory over many, many other on-line rivals!

The usage of proper SEO tools is a good start for creating your backlinking strategy. With our SEO video tutorials you will learn how to use such great SEO programs such as: Article Marketing Robot, The Best Spinner, SeNuke XCr, Scrapebox, AllSubmitter, etc.

on page seo and off page seo winnerWith gradual link building and creating backlinks from different sources, the search engines will start to love your site! They may start to crawl your fresh content not on a daily basis, but on an hourly basis! One very powerful way of going up fast in the SERPs is to have backlinks from sites related to your niche. Be active! Visit forums and blogs, post your suggestions and opinions on your topic and leave your backlink onto their sites! You would be surprised how many people are searching for solutions to their problems on the web! Help them and the search engines will treat your site as very valuable and an authority one! Use the social networks and share your experience with people interested in your field, and of course, don’t forget to mention your site. Doing all of this will improve your site’s overall ratings and will increase visitors’ time spent on your site.

With this SEO Training Course you will learn the aspects of creating good SEO campaign(s) and will reveal Search engines optimization’s secrets, strategies, tips and tricks. You will learn how to evaluate your competitors and beat their sites! Going through these 80 on-page and off page SEO lessons will help you to reach first positions in shorter period of time! And after all, this is the ultimate goal for your site(s), right?

Ask yourself: “I am ready to be #1?” If the answer is “YES!”, then this SEO course is for YOU!

SEO Tutorial Full Course PRO consists of 7 modules, 80 high definition video lessons and many bonuses.

Module 1 – What is On-page and Off-page SEO?

Module 2 – On Page SEO Lessons

  • Keyword research option in Google Keyword Tool – 06m 52s
  • How to create well-optimized articles. Basic settings. Meta tags and other essential on page SEO elements – 09m 55s
  • SEO for images. Inner backlinking – 10m 26s
  • On page SEO suggestions – 10m 07s

Module 3 – Our On-Page SEO is Ready! Now What?

  • Submitting your site to Google Web Tools – 08m 26s
  • XML sitemap creation and submission – 04m 04s
  • Robots.txt – 05m 51s
  • Submitting your site to Google Analytics. Options – 07m 30s
  • Validator. Checking for errors and warnings of your site – 03m 55s
  • Backlinking process and strategy. White, Gray and Black Hat SEO. Rules. Link velocity. GEO targeting. IP Diversity – 09m 02s
  • Finding backlinks from your niche. Authority and .gov sites. Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – 08m 02s

Module 4 – Off Page SEO

  • SEO programs and tools – 07m 11s
  • The Best Spinner (TBS) – excellent article spinner. Settings – 14m 16s
  • Get Article. Find niche related articles – 05m 30s
  • Captcha services – 08m 32s
  • Captcha Sniper – captcha solving software solution – 02m 57s
  • Article Marketing Robot (AMR) – article submitter. Basic settings and author creation – 16m 08s
  • Article creation. Settings – 14m 02s
  • Article directory submission – 10m 32s
  • Power Submitter – simple directory submitter. Basic settings – 07m 06s
  • Directory submission – 09m 19s
  • AllSubmitter- advanced directory submitter. Overview – 05m 57s
  • AllSubmitter settings – 19m 08s
  • Directory submission – 13m 50s
  • The results of our work – 08m 17s
  • Other SEO tools – Sick Submitter and WikiNuke – 09m 08s
  • Research tools. Market Samurai – quick overview – 06m 56s
  • Inspyder Rank Reporter. Basic setting. Track your SERPs – 19m 39s

Module 5 – SeNuke XCr Full Course – 30 Lessons

SeNuke XCr lessons

Module 6 – Scrapebox Full Course – 14 Lessons

scrapebox seo

Module 7 – SEO Campaigns’ Blueprints. Connecting All of the Dots

  • Mozilla SEO Quake add-on – (4:42)
  • Recommended services for your SEO campaigns – (13:38)
  • Outsourcing your SEO work. Who wants to do some SEO work for me and my clients? – (16:51)
  • SEO Mini Package. Step by step blueprint – (7:55)
  • SEO ULTIMATE Package. Step by step blueprint – (9:06)
  • SEO MEGA ULTIMATE Package. Step by step blueprint – (21:57)
  • Final SEO thoughts. SEO tips and tricks – (6:04)

SEO Tutorials Bonuses:

  • Bonuses for Scrapebox
  • SeNuke XCr universal weapon
  • Bonuses for All Submitter
  • Article Marketing Robot universal weapon
  • 36.000+ Articles directories for AMR
  • 4.000 directory list for Power Submitter
  • SEO Mini package plan
  • SEO ULTIMATE package plan
  • SEO MEGA ULTIMATE package plan
  • SEO Automated Backlink Tools
SEO Tutorials Course PRO
SEO Tutorials Course PRO

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Neil Bishop:
Thanks for that Alex, I am looking forward to getting my head around SEO. I know its going to be hard work but I am very keen to learn. Cheers Neil Bishop

My suggestion or idea for your next product would be to offer ”1on 1″ Skype coaching for Senuke, The best spinner and Scapebox (and other whitehat tools that you think might be useful for top SEO rankings)…
If you do offer, please invite me to be your beta tester and I will give you great testimonials after testing out your coaching..
Just my 2 cents and an idea for you Alex..
;-). Btw, great job and effort on your course ;–)

Dear Sir Alex,
Greetings from Tanzania
Thank you very much for your well organized tutorials from your site,i bought this from your site, I have one request is it possible for me to download the whole videos? Because I found some difficulties on the slow internet connection and I am not always connected on the internet.
otherwise I am real enjoying this tutorials
Happy Mkumbo

I first want to start off by saying to everyone that buys this program at the listed price is getting away with a complete steal. I would charge $497 easily. I learned more about on-page SEO in 20 minutes than I did reading 2 entire 400 page SEO books from amazon. I am so glad I found this site because everything I have learned from this course combined with my own efforts is going to skyrocket my bank account ten fold so I can live that internet marketing lifestyle of complete freedom. Thanks again Alex you are the man.

John Sloan:
Hi Alex,
I’m just finishing the SEO course and wanted to tell you it’s brilliant. Not just the content but the actual layout of the course. I’m going to buy the web course next. If you had one for Drupal 7 I would buy that too.
Keep up the good work, I’d be lost without it.

I bought this tutorial a few weeks ago and i am very happy. If you are new to SEO or it is your first year then it is a no brainer, you will learn some new things. You guys should take advantage of the OPs experience that he has got over the years!

Your a star Alex! The SEO course looks awesome – have been looking for something like this, many thanks

Hi mate, I haven’t had enough time to view the course completely but I like it a lot, it’s very simple and easy to understand also for non-experienced SEO, once I finish to see it I will tell you what I think.. but actually I clearly see that you know yout stuffs
Thank you very much! All the best, Mat

Dear Alex, I’ve bought your SeoTutorials Course from your tutorials7 website and I want to thank you very much for those awesome explanations on SeNukeX and Scrapebox. The price for it was absolutely fair and after watching it I finally figuered out how to use Scrapebox.

Recently i have brought SeoTutorials Course From your tutorials7 they are great thanks for easy steps now my website rank is gradually increasing.

Wow all i can say is Wow, Great course, not even done it yet just got to AMR and Wow i never could understand it and now i can all because of you :). I hope to be able to become an seo expert after this and make some steady money :)

I want to say THANK YOU for this really useful course, it showed me the way to start doing good SEO for myself and stop spending hundreds of euros each month outsourcing all link building processes. Best Regards.

The training is A+ 10/10 great work :0)

Im very happy with the course, I’m doing a SEO ULTIMATE PLAN for my primary site, and also helping some friends with their websites using SEO MINI PLAN, because they dont want to spend much for ranking.