In this lesson you will learn how to embed flash files called swf into your WordPress projects

Embedding flash in WP is useful because flash files (.swf) such as banners, games, and galleries are very beautiful and will attract more visitors to your site! Of course MAC and iPod/iPhone users won’t be able to view them on their devices, but PC users will be thrilled to discover flash possibilities and amazing interfaces!

It is very easy to embed flash files into WordPress posts and pages. All you have to do is to follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the WordPress plugin called iframe from HERE and install it on your WordPress site
  2. Upload your .swf file to your server by using FTP and copy-paste the path to it in one text file (or you can remember it :-))
  3. Go to your WordPress post/page and by using plugin’s short code put the path there. It will look something like this: {iframe src=”THE PATH TO THE .SWF FILE” width=”100%” height=”480″}. Do not forget to put files’ dimensions – width and height. They can be in % or in pixels.
That’s it!

You can also use this excellent plugin for embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos, Google maps, etc. Usually I use it for flash – for banners, games or galleries to attract the attention of the visitors! Here is one example of an embedded flash game! CLICK ON START TO PLAY IT :-)

how to embed flash in wordpress
I love to build sites using Flash (I use Adobe Flash CS4)! They are 100% unique and you can achieve a lot of “WOW” effects! :-) Unfortunately flash sites are built only because of these effects – to this moment they cannot be SEO optimized. But if you are a star/model and you want to rank only for one keyword, let’s say it is your name, then flash sites are great! But for big projects with a lot of keywords you must choose Joomla or WordPress!

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