eCommerce link building

eCommerce link building

eCommerce Link Building Tips

Link building is just one method in SEO which helps drive traffic to a website. In this article we will discuss how to leverage traffic with links to your eCommerce site.

Today’s link building is meant for both humans and robots. It is now all about building relationships, fresh unique content and sharing. It is all about being more engaging, social and giving value. You might have heard the phrase, “Content is King”. This is due to the heavy importance of fresh content in this new era we are now in.

How To Make Your Site Friendly For Humans

You can make your content inviting to humans using linkable blogs, videos and info-graphics. Your blog can be a great resource that answers questions for prospects on your brand’s products or services. This is a great way to not only attract links, but build customers retention.

eCommerce link building guide

Leverage Internal Linking

Are you leveraging internal links? Link your top products or services from your homepage. By doing this you are helping people to find your popular items or what you want them to buy. It will also help the internal linking of your website. You can also link to your top blog posts. Depending on your niche, this is a great for overview for prospects that have just discovered you. It shortens the research time for them to get to know, like, and trust you.