In the present day world, you can observe a continuous surge in the popularity of e-commerce, as an increasing number of users today favor shopping for the product via online stores. So, almost every retail business should consider leveraging eCommerce for expanding their reach and increasing their sales.

Top E-Commerce Trends That Will Dominate in 2016

However, merely setting up an e-store won’t help you succeed in today’s hyper-competitive online marketplace. You will need to keep up with all the latest e-commerce trends to deliver the best online shopping experience to the target users.

Let’s review some of the top e-commerce trends that will dominate in 2016:

1. M-commerce Growth Will Continue

As the majority of people are becoming comfortable at purchasing things online using mobile devices (or mobile apps) than desktop computers, m-commerce is expected to take over e-commerce soon. Besides, as per the online reports, “53 percent of traffic is coming from mobile.” This clearly indicates that adopting mobile commerce will be crucial for your business growth in the coming years.

Thus, retail businesses that undermine the importance of rendering a smooth mobile shopping support will end up losing potential customers. So, it’s important that your sites are optimized to offer an enhanced shopping experience to customers.

And so, m-commerce will become a necessity than just any additional feature in the year 2016 and beyond.

2. Omnichannel Retailing Will Become More Prevalent

Today, users are no longer using only mobile sites for making purchases online but are also utilizing mobile apps and different devices such as tablets to help people make a purchase.

For instance, take an example when your users need to buy something but fails to do so via a desktop site they’re on their way back. However, they can buy anything even on the move using a mobile app. Moreover, since a phone has smaller screen size, making use of a tablet helps provide a more seamless shopping experience.

Most importantly, the need for multiple channels for shopping channel has led to the increase of Omnichannel (or Multichannel) retailing – that is a business model that make users utilize several channels (like retail stores, mobile apps, etc.) for providing an excellent customer’s shopping experience. To be more precise, Omnichannel retailing is about making use of offline physical channels and digital online channels that help in providing a smooth and unified customer experience.

3. Using a Great Content Copy to Encourage Sales

Of course, you don’t need to write plenty of content in an e-commerce store just like any regular website to promote your retail business. But that doesn’t mean your e-commerce store won’t require any content. That’s because buyers also look for product details before making any purchasing decision. After all, they don’t just want to buy any product, and also demand a product to meet their specifications. And so, it is important to provide product descriptions with relevant and precise data.

Especially, you need to create an excellent content copy to encourage your target audience on purchasing a product from your B2B online portal. No matter whether you want to create content for your e-commerce site or a B2B portal, remember that your content should not only contain text but must also feature high-quality images and detailed product guidelines.

What’s more? Content will not help you make customers know about your product offerings, but will even notify them regarding new product launches and promotions.

4. Proliferation in Personalized UX Pattern

Based on an online survey, around 97 percent of visitors leave an e-commerce store without making a single purchase. In fact, the chances are that most of those visitors are visiting the site for the first time and won’t ever re-visit again. This means that you won’t get a second chance for creating a good first impression via your e-store. But, by providing a personalized web store experience could help in persuading users to take some desired action.

Put it just, by introducing in-store personalization can help make your users feel as if the store was built catering to their needs, which convince them to stay longer in their shop. Most importantly, this assists in winning your customers trust and loyalty. Thus, you will see e-commerce design patterns getting matured when it comes to delivering an enhanced UX (user experience).

5. Shipping Will Get Better

As many niche brands are experimenting with advanced shipping options such as “crowdsourced deliverers” or “drone delivery services” to provide quick services to customers, you can expect shipping to get better in the coming years. The concept of delivery drone came into the limelight in 2013 when several delivery services began offering same-day delivery. However, the drone delivery services will take time in getting adopted by retail businesses.

But, you can feel the impact of crowdsourced delivery after reading the Amazon announcement, according to which Amazon is pondering over enlisting their daily users to pick and drop packages for their other customers using ‘On My Way’ program.

A Few Other E-Commerce Trends You Can Expect in 2016:

  • Flash sale websites will have a widespread effect in the coming year.
  • More and more e-commerce stores will be focusing on introducing “Holiday sales”.
  • Retail businesses will collaborate with third-party providers to analyze customer data using algorithms.

Final Words

Seeing how fast the e-commerce market is flourishing, developing a store for your retail business will surely help you attain new heights in your e-commerce endeavor. But, you will have to cope up with the changing trends in the e-commerce industry to create an edge from the worldwide competition in the online marketplace. In this post, you’ll find 5 of the most significant trends that you shouldn’t miss when working on your e-commerce development project.

Author Biography:
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