This video shows some of the best computer tips and tricks that every computer user should know. It is really aimed at Windows computers.

  1. Know What Antivirus you Have on Your Computer.
  2. Do not download, open emails with attachments.
  3. Do not let people use your computer or know your passwords.
  4. Know your computer hardware and software. Delete the software you never used.
  5. Maintain Your computer. But don’t defrag a SSD drive:
  6. Zoom in on any page. Use Ctrl and + or – on the keyboard to zoom in and out.
  7. Open task manager. CTRL ALT DEL. Start a process.
  8. Copy cut paste.
  9. Backup your files.
  10. Control startup programs.Open msconfig.
  11. Open a DOS window as admin. Paste in the DOS window.
  12. Ipconfig to check internet?
  13. Find a network to connect to?
  14. Hide desktop Icons and change desktop image.