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How to Create a Website and Sharpen Your W.W.W. Axe!

Web design is undoubtedly an ART! Since the creation of the Internet this is may be the most evolving art on the planet! New tricks, improvements and techniques emerge almost every day, but to be a successful web designer it is not enough to simply follow them. There is much more! To be able to impress your sites’ visitors you must be a MAGICIAN!

The web design process is not only about knowing HTML, CSS or Flash – it is more than that! It is IMAGINATION! It is CREATIVITY! It is being responsive to your visitors’ needs at any time! The client is always right, right? This rule applies to your visitors as well! Do not forget that you are not the only web developer in the “W.W.W. World”… whenever your site’s loading slowly, or you have forgotten to validate it, or simply haven’t checked its browser compatibility – you will lose the visitor FOREVER, because your competitors are growing not by days – but by seconds! So, what should you do? Simple!

Learn, learn, and learn! Practice everything you already know about web design. Explore! To be #1 you will need to stand out from the web designers’ crowd! And here is one story about that: One chopper worked hard all day, and took no breaks. The other chopper took several breaks during the day and a short nap at lunch. At the end of the day, the woodsman who had taken no breaks was quite disturbed to see that the other chopper had cut more wood than he had. He said, “I don’t understand. Every time I looked around, you were sitting down, yet you cut more wood than I did.” His companion asked, “Did you also notice that while I was sitting down, I was sharpening my axe?” This story illustrates the need of good preparation in order to stay ahead of your rivals. The AXE in our case is the KNOWLEDGE! You must be smart and always have a sharp axe for your “web design chopping”!

Let’s now see what we need to know about our clients… to meet his/her requirements is not an easy task! First we must know the goals. Then we must choose the most appropriate solution for our web site. If the goal is a “WOW” site then we can use Flash CS5 or CS6! If you want the first page in the SERPs the best option is WordPress CMS. If you want to build a successful and simple on-line shop then Joomla is your answer! In addition, you must always have the right tool for your web projects, whether it is Photoshop, NotePad ++, Irfanview or some other useful program.

As you can see, web designing is not as hard as you might think. Nowadays web knowledge is a MUST and it is the key for YOUR SUCCESS in the world of web design! And guess what? That is exactly what we are giving you!

Our Web Design Tutorials Full Video Course PRO consists of 7 modules, 163 (HD) high-definition video training lessons, tutorials and a lot of bonuses!

Module 1 – Basic Preparation

  • Hosting and domain usage
  • MySQL Database and cPanel overview
  • Two FTP solutions – CuteFTP and Filezilla

Module 2 – HTML and CSS Tutorials for Beginners

Module 3 – Tools for Your Web Design Projects

  • How to use Notepad++ text editor quick tutorial
  • Web Developer and Fire Bug Mozilla add-ons
  • Pixie and HyperSnap programs
  • Irfanview and Photoshop

Module 4 – Joomla CMS Full Course PRO – 44 Video Lessons

Joomla cms training

Module 5 – WordPress CMS Full Course PRO – 50 Video Tutorials

WordPress video lessons
web page maker navigation bar

Module 6 – Web Page Maker – WYSIWYG Editor and Site Creator

  • Web Page Maker Overview – Easy to use, fast to create
  • Web Page Maker (WPM) basic settings
  • Mini site project
  • Main page
  • “About Us” page
  • Adding Video + Content
  • “Services” page – How to clone pages
  • “Gallery” page and embedding flash in html
  • “Clients” page and a “Game” page
  • “Contact Us” page
  • Uploading our web site
  • Real examples of sites created with WPM

Module 7 – Recommendations

How to choose the right site for me and my clients? How to create a Flash site in less than one hour using XML?

+ WordPress CMS Advanced Course – 49 HD Video Lessons

Module 1 – WordPress Advanced Tips

  • How to Tune Up your WordPress CMS Blog
  • Use Simple WP Tweaks to Improve your Site
  • How to Turn On your Default WordPress Editor
  • Create Beautiful Static Page
  • How to Split Long Posts/Pages
  • How to Use Widget on Certain Pages and Posts
  • How to Change the Footer Information
  • How to Create Custom 404 Page for your WordPress Website
  • How to Increase Users’ Interaction with a Notification Bar
  • How to Protect your E-mail from SPAM Harvesters
  • How to Post to Your Blog Via E-mail Part 1
  • How to Post to Your Blog Via E-mail by Using Cron Jobs Part 2

Module 2 – SEO

  • How to Do Basic Keyword Research
  • How to Display Related Posts
  • How to Make SEO Friendly Title and Metatags for your WP Site
  • How to Create LSI Content
  • How to Use and Create Permalinks
  • How to Create Search Engine Friendly Categories
  • How to Interlink your Blog Content
  • How to Install and Use Headspace SEO plugin
  • How to Use Authority Sites for Better SEO
  • How to Rename Images for Better Search Engine Optimization
  • How to Compress your Images
  • How to Embed Video in your Posts for Better SEO
  • How to Create Sitemap for Easier Navigation and SEO Purposes
  • How to SEO Friendly Create XML Sitemap
  • How to Track your Statistics with your Google Analytics Account

Module 3 – Using Social Networks Effectively and Increasing Traffic

  • How to Thank Site Commenters Automatically
  • How to Add Recent Comment Widget
  • How to Highlight Author Comments
  • How to Use RSS Feeds Effectively Part 1
  • How to Use FeedBurner to Syndicate your RSS Part 2
  • How to Add ShareBar in your Word Press Site1
  • How to Capture Traffic with Special WP Exit Plugin
  • How to Install Facebook Comments on your WordPress Site
  • How to Add a Facebook Like Box to your Sidebar
  • How to Add Subscription Form in your WordPress CMS Site
  • How to Embed Twitter Tweets in your Posts
  • How to Add a Twitter Widget to your Sidebar

Module 4 – Speed Up Your WordPress Site

  • How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site
  • How to Use Cashing

Module 5 – Protect Your WordPress CMS Site

  • How to Secure your WordPress Site Part 1
  • How to Secure your WordPress Site with Special Plugins Part 2

Module 6 – Moving and Cloning Your WordPress Blog

  • How to Create Backups
  • How to Restore WordPress Backup and Move it to Another Domain
  • How to Clone WordPress Site
  • How to Delete WordPress by Using Cpanel
  • How To Manually Erase your WordPress Site

Module 7 – Mobile Version of Your WP Website

  • How to Create a Mobile Version for your WordPress CMS Blog

Bonuses – Additional Web Design Tutorials and Files

  1. Bonuses for Joomla CMS lessons
  2. Bonuses for WordPress CMS lessons
  3. Big package of graphic files and pictures for your web design projects
Web Design Tutorials Course PRO
Web Design Tutorials Course PRO

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