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Our web design lessons are all about the creation of beautiful, user-friendly and well optimized sites. With these tutorials you will learn how to use most common and popular web design programs, techniques and tools. Learn more about web design, flash, html, css, php and the most used CMS – Joomla and WordPress!

Johannes Gutenberg

What is Gutenberg Editor?

There are many benefit of working with WordPress. It is a mature platform. Even after its launch of 14 years, WordPress is so relevant as it can adapt as per the project. Now there has been a lots of talk about switching to a new editor called Gutenberg. As this is a major software change … Continue Reading

maintenance of WordPress site infograpic

WordPress Website Maintenance Step-By-Step Guide [Infographic]

WordPress is an awesome CMS to build a website or a blog. It is flexible, easy-to-use, manage and update. Plus, it comes with tonnes of exciting features that makes working this CMS a total breeze. From a built-in blog, top-notch security features, numerous themes to an array of plugins that makes adding new features easy, … Continue Reading

WordPress Cache Plugins

6 Cache Plugins That Can Boost Your WordPress Website Speed

If you’re seriously looking for reducing the page loading time of your WordPress website, then caching plugins can make the biggest difference in amplifying the speed of your WordPress site. Reducing the loading speed of your website may improve the user experience and reduces the chance of hitting the back button on their browser. With … Continue Reading

Concept of WordPress Plugin Development

Concept of WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress has certainly taken the online world by storm. It has also opened new gates for many businesses and bloggers. Those days are gone when you had to have a technical or programming knowledge to build a site. Today with the introduction of CMS, building a site has become extremely easy as long as you … Continue Reading

10 Best Landing Page Themes for WordPress CMS

10 Best Landing Page Themes for WordPress

The Web is a vast online sphere where you can find lots of beautifully designed, visually appealing, and highly functional websites over the Internet. So, if you want to create a unique identity, you need to do something creative. Landing Pages are one of the vital techniques that will help you drive more visitors towards … Continue Reading

E-Commerce Trends in 2016

Top E-Commerce Trends That Will Dominate in 2016

In the present day world, you can observe a continuous surge in the popularity of e-commerce, as an increasing number of users today favor shopping for the product via online stores. So, almost every retail business should consider leveraging eCommerce for expanding their reach and increasing their sales. However, merely setting up an e-store won’t … Continue Reading

Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

How to Integrate Two Factor Authentication into Your WordPress Site? Now and then, you can hear a WordPress site getting hacked in the mainstream news. Security has been a common topic of concern for WordPress installs, and while you can or cannot prevent it from happening, at least you can take measures to avert such … Continue Reading

10 Superb and Helpful Tools for Web Designers

10 Superb and Helpful Tools for Web Designers

In former times, web design was only concerned with the visual design of a website that can attract the eyes of web viewers and customers. But, over the last few years, the role of web designing has changed as a well-established language and structure of websites that represents your brand, create your unique identity, and … Continue Reading

white screen of death wordpress

Guideline On Fixing WordPress White Screen of Death

Unlike a majority of errors that might crop up with a WordPress website, the “White Screen of Death” is undeniably a key source of stress for avid WordPress users. If you too are one such WordPress user who has experienced the torment of the “white screen of death” then this is a tutorial that will … Continue Reading

Seven Free Open-Source Tools For Web Developers And Designers

7 Free Open-Source Tools For Web Developers

The online marketplace keeps on changing constantly, and so does the need for developing solutions that can help keep up with the changes happening in the web industry. However, doing so bring forth many challenges for designers and developers. Fortunately, today we can access dozens of tools that helps lessen the burden of designers and … Continue Reading