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In the SEO blog section of our site you will learn about on page and off page SEO strategies, programs, methods, tips and secrets. Learn how to use the most common seo tools such as SeNuke X, AMR, Scrapebox, TBS, AllSubmitter, Sick Submitter and more! Step-by-step lessons and tutorials will get your site to the top of the SE and will automate the backlinking process for you!

Google search engine

The Evolution of Google

1995 marks the year when the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page meet at the Stanford University. Friendship flourishes between the two and soon they started contemplating the drawbacks of the search engine named BackRub that operated on the servers of the university, eventually occupying too much of the bandwidth. It was finally … Continue Reading

Google Penguin Update

Penguin 2.0

Google Penguin 2.0 update was all about links. Websites that were having a spammy link profiles including low quality links and similar anchor text links were penalized by this update. Penguin 2.0 Recovery Guide Low Quality Link Profile Link profile can be of two types- high quality vs. low quality. Sites having a low quality … Continue Reading

premium plugins of Scrapebox

Scrapebox Premium Plugins

Scrapebox is an excellent SEO software with a lot of functions – scraping, harvesting, checking backlinks and many more. One of the main features of Scrapebox is that its creator is constantly developing additional add-ons to it! They are called premium plugins and CAN really boost Scrapebox’s usability and multiply its functionality! Currently there are … Continue Reading

SEO in 2013 - new tacktics

The New Face of SEO in 2013

The new face of SEO – how SEO has changed? SEO, post panda and penguin ON – SITE OPTIMISATION KEYWORD TARGETING Target Specific Keywords Target a very specific set of keywords predominantly based on high search volume. Target a Wider range of Keywords Target a wider range of keywords that are likely to convert. Focus … Continue Reading

seo tips 2013

SEO Checklist

Here is one info-graphic from Ben Norman where you can see his suggestions regarding on page SEO and off page SEO in 2013 Search Engine Optimization has changed over the last years. For those who are looking for a little advice on their campaigns, here’s a look at what to avoid, what you need to … Continue Reading

2013 seo experts

SEO Videos for 2013 (Compilation)

There are a lot of useful and very interesting videos created by other advanced and more experienced SEO experts. In this article I will be sharing interesting videos regarding Search Engine Optimization for 2013 /some kind of SEO video sandwich/. Also, the newest Google Web Master official videos will be updated and categorized here on … Continue Reading

wordpress cms seo cheat sheet

WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet

WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet | 10 SEO WP Tips To improve your WordPress SEO and your SERPs there are some useful SEO techniques which are presented below. 1. Install WordPress CMS – Choose a domain name for your site. Try to find aged domain name (more than 2 years old which will rank better!) with … Continue Reading

grandma doing on page SEO

On Page SEO Thoughts

Some aspects of the internet are very helpful as far as gathering of information and researching, entertainment, online travel bookings, payment of bills, etc. However the internet can also be misused by unethical people promoting bogus products or services and business scams designed to deceive and rip off the unsuspecting public. Due to the number … Continue Reading

how to recover from google penalization

Google Reconsideration Request

In 2011 Google rolled out its Panda update. One of the purposes of Panda was to weed out “low quality” websites and push them down in the search engine rankings. A lot of spammy sites which didn’t deserve their high rankings were blasted into oblivion. The first Panda update sent shock waves through the internet … Continue Reading

wordpress on page seo lesson

On Page SEO for WordPress CMS

WordPress On Page SEO – The Basics Nowadays spinned articles, auto blogs and black-hat SEO techniques do not work anymore. In order to achieve better SERPs it is very important to be smart, to work hard and to implement all SEO knowledge you have (on-page and off-page). Back in the days the search engines were … Continue Reading