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In the SEO blog section of our site you will learn about on page and off page SEO strategies, programs, methods, tips and secrets. Learn how to use the most common seo tools such as SeNuke X, AMR, Scrapebox, TBS, AllSubmitter, Sick Submitter and more! Step-by-step lessons and tutorials will get your site to the top of the SE and will automate the backlinking process for you!

seo mistakes to avoid with e-commerce sites

These 5 SEO Mistakes Will Destroy Your e-commerce Website

SEO has always been on trend no matter what the conditions are. Most of the experts hold the view that is SEO is dead but even today SEO can have a big impact on your business. Doing it in the right manner will not only boost the ranking and bring in traffic too. On the … Continue Reading

SEO in2016

SEO in 2016

7 important shifts, with strategies to turn pitfalls into SEO opportunities in 2016: Crowded SERPs burke top organic rankings. Rich answers are rising in importance. Page speed takes more precedence. Dark traffic makes analytics even harder. Keywords are not dead, but you should use them differently. Be aware of link penalties and remove low-quality links … Continue Reading

google guy funny video

What if Google was a Guy? (Video)

Checking Backlinks With Scrapebox How To Find And Use Your Competitors’ Backlinks For Your Off Page SEO YouTube SEO Tips The Evolution of Google Scrapebox Tips and Tricks 30 Ways to Create Natural Backlinks Google+ Tips and Tricks (Video) SEO in 2016

Google Plus

Google+ Tips and Tricks (Video)

Checking Backlinks With Scrapebox How To Find And Use Your Competitors’ Backlinks For Your Off Page SEO SEO Tips and Practices How to Use Trackbacks With Scrapebox On Page SEO for WordPress CMS The New Face of SEO in 2013 The Evolution of Google Local Seo Guidelines

Google authorship recent changes

Google Authorship Changes

In October 2013 Matt Cutts from Google announced there would be some radical changes to how Authorship is shown in the Search Results. In December many of us noticed this drastic and almost instant change implemented by Google for Authorship in Search. Further evidence that this change is underway can be seen in this screen … Continue Reading


30 Ways to Create Natural Backlinks

Backlinks created by people other than you are known as natural backlinks. But, there are certainly some strategies used by SEO and webmasters which helps to earn natural backlinks to your site. For those of you who don’t know the relevance of natural backlinks, links are the most important factor on which Google relies to … Continue Reading

SEO Foundations

5 Foundations Of SEO That Were Torched In 2013

The basics of SEO haven’t changed much in the last 15 years. If you followed the mantra of creating good content and obtaining quality links, they still haven’t changed… or have they? Here are five SEO “foundations” that were absolutely torched in 2013. If you are still counting on any of these, stop now and … Continue Reading

Scrapebox tips and tricks

Scrapebox Tips and Tricks

In this video (27:18) you will discover fourteen+ useful tips and tricks which you may use with your Scrapebox program. Unknown Scrapebox Tips and Tricks: To highlight a group of links/proxies hold the SHIFT key, choose the links and copy/replace them In the Keyword Scraper window you can see the Domain Lookup button which will … Continue Reading

shopping cart

eCommerce Link Building Tips

eCommerce Link Building Tips Link building is just one method in SEO which helps drive traffic to a website. In this article we will discuss how to leverage traffic with links to your eCommerce site. Today’s link building is meant for both humans and robots. It is now all about building relationships, fresh unique content … Continue Reading

how to do local SEO

Local Seo Guidelines

How to do Local SEO? Local SEO has become a major success factor for local businesses. With Google becoming a major source of traffic for local business leads, local SEO is slowly and gradually becoming an unavoidable marketing strategy for local business owners. Here are some guidelines that would help business website owners and search … Continue Reading