In this section of the site you will find reviews (mostly videos) of the most popular WordPress plugins and themes; Joomla components, modules and plugins; SEO software and other useful programs related to web design.

Viral Lock Review

Viral Lock

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are very important for you off-page SEO and backlinking strategies. But how to bring more attention to your site from those resources? There is one excellent solution called Viral Lock. It is very light (7KB) plugin which will lock/hide particular content (link, eBook, information) and once … Continue Reading

Related Posts via Categories Review

Related Posts via Categories

Interlinking your web site’s articles is very important for your on-page SEO. You will not only improve your visitors’ experience on your WordPress site/blog but you will also pass link juice between the pages which is very valuable in the “eyes” of the search bots. There is one light plugin called Related Posts via Categories … Continue Reading

Limit Login Attempts Review

Limit Login Attempts

Securing the admin area of your web site is crucial for your WordPress security. There are many ways to hack the admin page of your WP site. One of them is brute force attack. In order to protect this important part of your website there is one very light and useful plugin called Limit Login … Continue Reading

AttentionGrabber Notification Bar

Sometimes you need to bring attention to your WordPress site! Whenever there is a new eBook you’ve written, new product or simply want to show off :-) There is one very nice and light plugin called AttentionGrabber. It is a Notification Bar and is not a free one – the current price is $12, but … Continue Reading

WP Smush it review


Site’s speed is very important for your on page SEO and the overall performance of your site! There are many factors which can improve your site’s speed – installing special plugins (such as W3 Total Cache), CDN usage, better and faster hosting providers and many more. Images and reducing their size is an important factor … Continue Reading

Google XML Sitemaps review

Google XML Sitemaps

There are many options when it comes to sitemap creation, especially for WordPress CMS. A lot of WordPress plugins are available and you can choose the one which suits your needs. However, the best plugin for sitemap creation in my opinion is Google XML Sitemaps WP plugin. I found it very useful with a lot … Continue Reading

Simple URLs review

Simple URLs

If you wan to make money online by selling affiliate products it is very important to hide (also known as cloak) your affiliate links. The reason is obvious – search engines. Somehow the search engines DO NOT LIKE if your do not sell your own product. In order to sleep well :-) you will need … Continue Reading

Revision Control review

Revision Control

Every time you create a new post or page, WordPress automatically (every 90 seconds) saves a revision to the database. It is recommended ones in a while to clean these revisions. In the video tutorial below you will found out how to delete (or maybe restore) the revisions kept in the database by using one … Continue Reading

Better RSS Widget review

Better RSS Widget

Interlinking of your posts from your sites is very important for your overall on page SEO strategy. In order to achieve better results and help particular parts of your site (forum, blog, sub-domains etc.) to get better ranking it is advisable to interlink them. Let’s say you have a site and on a sub-domain ( … Continue Reading

tracking keywords positions

Inspyder Rank Tracker

Whenever you are building backlinks to your site as a part of your Off-Page SEO campaign it is essential to track your keyword(s) positions and ranking in the search engines! There is one very useful and not that expensive tracking program which I use for my sites. I run it once per week to see … Continue Reading