It is nice to have a business. Especially when you have both – an online and offline business! :-) Once you have a web site and you are selling your digital product(s) online – you have a nice source of passive income. You are doing SEO, PPC, PPV campaigns, etc.

But what about your offline business? How can you attract new customers? You will need to create brochures, business cards, flyers, posters and other paper-based advertising materials.

In this tutorial we will go through the process of designing a brochure by using Photoshop software and some brochure design ideas.

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Basically it isn’t as hard as it may seem! We will need:

  1. Template for your brochure
  2. Photoshop program
  3. Reliable printing company (I am using

First, we need a template for our brochure. Let say we want to design 8.5″ x 11″ brochure. Go to >> Templates >> Print Templates >> Brochure Templates >> and choose Adobe Photoshop Brochure Template to download (you must log-in first).

  1. Once you have the template on your Desktop, open it with Adobe Photoshop. You will see instructions for using the template, colored lines, and fold lines. Keep all important text and graphics inside the blue lines to avoid these items being cut off during the trimming process.
  2. Set your color mode to CMYK (not RGB). If you are using Photoshop a lot, the color mode may be set to RGB. Change it to CMYK by going to Image >> Mode >> CMYK Color in Photoshop.
  3. Turn on the Ruler (View >> Ruler) and Guides (if they are not already turned on). This way you will see the guidelines and know where to place graphics and text properly.
  4. You are ready to add a background. To use a solid color as the background onto which you can place text boxes and other images, first select your color using the color boxes at the bottom of your Tools menu. Double-click on the top box to choose your foreground color. Select the Paint Bucket tool and click on the template to fill the background with your chosen color.
  5. To use a picture for the background you could always just drag the image file directly onto the layer. You may need to re-size the image to reach the outer bleed lines (use Move tool). Hold down Shift button while dragging the corners until the image is positioned properly. This will make sure that the image retains its original dimensions.
  6. Now you can create effects and add text and other graphics. Use your imagination! :-) Just be sure to create new layers for each block of text and each graphic to make it easier to add effects and to move them around.

Creating a brochure in Photoshop is very interesting if you know the right steps. Take your time to set it up properly and then have fun playing around with the design. Browse around the Internet for some brochure design ideas! There are plenty of them! Soon you will have brochure designing down to an art and will be able to create a brochure for any purpose your company or clients’ desires!

Now it is time for printing!

There are a lot of printing companies online. For my window cleaning business in London and my freelance clients – I am using – It is very easy to navigate through their site, to choose most appropriate template and design and of course – the printing quality is one of the highest on the web! They always deliver on time and the customer support is just great! Whenever I have questions – they are 27/7 available through Live Chat (I wonder when they sleep…). So if you decide to use them you can use the links below:

how to create a brochure in photoshop my example
This is an example of my window cleaning brochure :-)

I hope that this lesson will help you with your offline advertizing! :-)

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