Article Marketing Robot is a great software which is very useful especially when it comes to creating backlinks to the backlinks because article directories are crawled very often by the search engines and because your web site will have better link juice!

Lesson 1 – Basic Settings and The Creation of an Author Account

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With these 2 video lessons related to Article Marketing (AMR) software you will learn how to use this excellent Off-Page SEO program. Learn how to create author account how to scrape, spin and submit an article to thousands of article directories. Also you will learn how to use Get Article and The Best Spinner Software for your submissions.

Lesson 2 – How to Use AMR Effectively by Scraping, Spinning and Submitting niche related article(s)

Do not forget to scrape articles related to your niche and keywords. Also make sure that the article is at least 550 words or more! Simply because some article directories won’t accept it! Make sure that your articles are spun (maybe rewritten as well!) and the keywords you are fighting for are “Protected” from spinning in The Best Spinner Program!

Learn how to check for the backlinks created with AMR or other SEO programs by reading this article

video tutorial about article marketing robot

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