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Learn How To Use SeNuke XCr Like a PRO!

SeNuke XCr is the KING of All SEO programs! That’s 100% true! But when you open the program for the first time it seems so perplexing and puzzling! All of these options, settings and buttons… It has a lot of features – campaigns, projects, templates – so many… So where should you start from?

Start from these 30 SeNuke XCr video lessons! Learn how to use this amazing SEO software with this course. You will go from novice to expert in less than 5 hours! Is it possible? Yes, it is! Become a SeNuke XCr professional – analyze your niche, create unlimited campaigns and projects, utilize the templates and discover the secrets of being #1 in the search engines rank positions!

SeNuke XCr Tutorial Course PRO consists of 7 modules, 30 video lessons + secret bonus file. Here is the content:

Module 1 – Basic Settings and Options

  • SeNuke XCr Introduction. Why it is the king of SEO programs? – 02m 52s
  • Basic options and settings. The usage of captchas and proxies – 09m 58s
  • The Best Spinner (TBS) and the search for niche related articles – 11m 05s

Module 2 – Campaigns and Projects

  • Overview of the campaigns. Two ways of setting up campaigns – 05m 25s
  • Overview of the projects – 10m 41s

Module 3 – First Campaign – 1 Keyword + 1 URL

  • Setting up your first campaign using the wizard, custom template and the secret SeNuke XCr weapon – 15m 01s
  • Common project settings in the “author bio” and “about me” sections – 09m 04s
  • Project linking. How to use the visual composer – 11m 43s
  • Setting up social bookmarking and social network projects – 10m 00s
  • Scraping, re-writing and spinning niche related articles and submitting them to the article directories – 09m 00s
  • Specific settings. The use of different usernames and your own e-mail address – 09m 04s
  • Confirming and exporting the first campaign – 11m 20s
  • The results of our work. The importance of having backlinks from different sources – 09m 21s

Module 4 – Second Campaign – Multiple Keywords + 1 URL

  • Preparing the list of keywords and sub-domains in spintax format – 10m 07s
  • Going through the SeNuke XCr templates. Which one to use? Let’s try the “Full Monty”!- 09m 38s
  • Filling up some basic information – 04m 12s
  • Setting up information for social networks, article directories, social bookmarkings, etc. We are ready to export! – 15m 45s
  • Revealing the secret behind using multiple keywords with one URL – 03m 44s
  • Checking out the results – 03m 05s

Module 5 – Third Campaign – Multiple Keywords + Multiple URLs

Setting up 3 multiple campaigns. Using the scheduler and different SeNuke XCr templates for diversity.

  • Using the “Link Pyramid” template for the 1st sub-campaign – 10m 32s
  • Profile and project settings – 14m 21s
  • Using the “Cabalis” template for the 2nd sub-campaign. Learn how to use the accounts from the previous campaigns – 15m 49
  • 3rd sub-campaign – forum profiles. Learn how to schedule multiple campaigns – 09m 48s
  • The results of our projects – 02m 38s

Module 6 – SeNuke XCr Tips – We Have Backlinks! Now What?

  • Creating backlinks to the backlinks using SeNuke XCr (again!) – 04m 55s
  • Creating backlinks to the backlinks using Scrapebox – 05m 36s
  • Creating backlinks to the backlinks using Article Marketing Robot (AMR) – 09m 57s
  • Using additional service for creating comment backlinks and forum profile backlinks – 05m 05s

Module 7 – Indexing. Outsourcing.

  • Indexing your backlinks – 04m 10s
  • Some useful SeNuke XCr tricks. Outsourcing SeNuke XCr work – 05m 32s

+ SeNuke XCr Tutorials and Bonus Secret Weapon

SeNuke XCr Tutorials Course PRO
SeNuke XCr Tutorials Course PRO

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Alex, Just wanted to say that your videos helped me sooooo much. I was totally lost with SenukeXCR until I saw these. Now I feel like I know it extremely well. I started as a noob and now I feel like a master! I sort of figured you were going to say what you did about the Turbo wizard. It definitely does not seem to do as well as the standard wizard. I’ll probably take a look at some of your other courses down the line when I have more time. I am decent at some web design stuff but could still probably learn some things from a pro like you. Thanks again for all of your help..

Best SEO Tutorial I’ve seen in a Long Long time, Worth the investment! Thank you Alex.

David Jacobs:
Hey Alex, I’m really enjoying the videos regarding SeNuke!