In the web design and SEO world there are new techniques, tricks and strategies coming out almost every day. Following all of these updates is A MUST for every web developer and SEO master!

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Developing an impressive and effective website is a process which requires effort. And not only in choosing the right site building solutions, but also in creating relevant, SEO optimized and well written content for the site’s users and search engines. Learning web design and SEO is a very interesting, but also a time consuming process… provides experienced tips, tricks, web tutorials and SEO strategies for your convenience and shortcuts towards your online success!

Search engines and Internet users expand in numbers and the vast majorities are searching more and more for answers to their questions in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Nowadays people search for reliable web designers who will not only make a beautiful web site, but will also optimize it for the search engines.

Improving your web design and SEO skills will allow you to provide much better service to your potential clients, friends or to yourself! With the help of our video web tutorials you will learn how to create good looking sites, improve users’ experience and add the most advanced web and SEO techniques to your site(s)!

Joomla! CMS

Our Joomla CMS tutorials are all about this excellent Content Management System called Joomla. You will learn how to take advantage of its full potential. A lot of people are creating e-shops, so why don’t you create your very own? With our Joomla video course you will learn how to set up your own e-shop using VirtueMart component and learn how to sell your product(s) on-line! This is a pure, almost 100% source of passive income.

WordPress CMS

Do you want to build a blog? WordPress Content Management System is the perfect solution for this! A lot of users and web designers are using this CMS to share their experience with others! If you are an expert in a particular field – there are people who are thirsty for your knowledge – so, give it to them! With the help of Word Press video tutorials you will be able to sell your professional services as well. If you love what you do, you will make a good profit on-line with your know-how!

On page and Off page SEO

Many developers create sites that are almost useless to their clients. Why? They simply do not optimize the site’s content – which is an essential part of any on page SEO. The search engines love content! Give it to them, but give it optimized! When you have friendly URLs, meta tags, well written descriptions, titles, and optimized images – you will have a successful site, blog or e-shop without a doubt!

Backlinking is the other part of the SEO process – and particularly in off page SEO. With the help of our SEO video tutorials you will learn how to find relevant blogs, forums and sites to create backlinks. Learning how to use SEO programs such as Article Marketing Robot, Scrapebox, SeNuke XCr, The Best Spinner, All Submitter, Sick Submitter, etc. will not only automate this task, but will save you time for more important things in life!

Become an Expert!

Feel free to share your SEO and web development experience on our Mini Forum and ask any questions related to ranking websites and site building techniques. Questions and answers section is for everybody who wants to be a true professional web and SEO master! Share your knowledge today!

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In the Reviews section you will find video reviews and tutorials of some of the most useful and powerful plugins, components and programs. Learn how to use them for your web projects.

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